6 Sports Bras For Zero Bounce

Making sure you're properly supported down the gym is super important. Here are six bras that are up to the task.

We’ve got news for you, lady. If you’re working out without a decent sports bra you could be doing some serious damage to your boobs. That’s right, not being properly supported can cause damage to the breast tissue, which can cause your boobs to sag. The bad news? Once they lose elasticity you can’t get your boobs back to being the perky pair they used to be.

So, with that in mind, here are six sport bras that will ensure your boobs stay in place right through your workout.

Victoria's Secret Front Zip Sports Bra

Front close bra, €51.19-59.35, Victoria’s Secret

Victoria's Secret Lightweight Bra

Lightweight bra, €31.26-34.88, Victoria’s Secret

Figleaves Shock Absorber Bra

Shock absorber, €35.26, Figleaves

Lifestyle Sports Zip Plunge Bra

Zip plunge bra, €35, Lifestyle Sports

Screenshot 2016-04-13 12.37.02

Ultimate run sports bra, €20, JD Sports

Lifestyle Sprots Nike Pro Rival Bra

Nike Pro rival bra, €50, Lifestyle Sports