7 Stylish Hats That Will Solve Your Bad Hair Day, STAT

Don't let a BHD get you down. We're shopping these seven hats now to deal with our messy hair probs.

Disaster has struck; you’ve woken up with a messy, greasy mound of hair stuck to the top of your head and you need to be out the door in 20 minutes. That’s where a deadly hat comes in. Whether it’s a fedora, a floppy, a beanie or a beret, they can transform any outfit and conceal a seriously bad hair day in seconds.

Here are seven we’re shopping right now…


Beret hat, €20, Topshop


Bobble hat, €16, Asos

Adidas 22

Beanie, €22, Adidas


Floppy hat, €35, Oasis


Fedora, €40, Warehouse

River Island

Grey beanie, €13, River Island

Asos Floppy Hat

Floppy brim hat, €95, Asos