9 Things You Probably Didn’t Already Know About Anya Taylor-Joy


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The eagerly anticipated Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga is landing in cinemas this week (!), and it’s safe to say we’re only gasping to see the new movie.

Starring Anya Taylor-Joy as the titular Furiosa, the film has already received rave reviews and looks set to top box offices around the world.

To celebrate, we’ve put together list of nine things you (probably) didn’t know about Anya Taylor-Joy – the woman that she is.

1. English isn’t her first language

Anya may have been born in Miami, but her family lived in Argentina when she was just a baby, meaning that she began speaking Spanish from a young age. She initially refused to learn English as a child when her family moved to London.

2. Her first starring role was in Robert Egger’s The Witch

The actress played Thomasin in the Puritan horror that propelled her to stardom.


3. She was scouted while walking her dog

Anya was spotted by a model agency outside Harrods in London when she was a teenager.

She later said she originally thought she was being stalked when a car pulled up beside her: “I thought ‘Oh no, this is the end, So I picked up my dog and started to run.”

4. She hold multiple citizenships

Anya has described her American citizenship a “fluke,” as her parents were simply holidaying in Miami when she was born.

She also holds British and Argentinian citizenships.

5. She married in secret

Anya and her husband Malcolm McRae wed in secret in 2022, later opting for a public ceremony the following year. Their wedding cake was based on an anatomically correct heart.


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6. Privacy is important to her

As per the above, Anya choses not to reveal a lot about her romantic relationships. Little is known about how she met her husband, or her past partners.

7. Her first audition was for Aurora in Maleficent

Anya auditioned for the role, only to lose to Elle Fanning. “It was my first experience of rejection, like true rejection, she said.

8. She’s got lots of famous pals

Cara Delevingne, Julia Garner, Aimee Carrero, Miles Teller, and Nicholas Hoult – to name but a few.

9. She’s a vegetarian

Anya has been veggie she was eight years old, saying that she doesn’t “touch meat or fish.” She once had a period of veganism and said that was the “healthiest she ever felt.”