Are Smart Clothes The Fitness Trend Of The Future?

Yep, your workout gear is set to get really high-tech.


Pic credit: Ralph Lauren

There’s the smart watch, the smartphone – and now your workout clothes are set to get the tech treatment too. Ralph Lauren kicked it all off back in August when it introduced the Polo Tech Shirt: a shirt loaded with technology to monitor your workout, and now wearable tech clothing is set to become a helluva lot more mainstream, with UK sales alone expected to hit €92.6 million this year.

So what are they? Well, think shoes with vibrating soles that tell you if your pace has dropped, or sports tops that monitor distance, calories and steps, and you’d be on the right track. Sports company Glofaster is also set to produce a running jacket fitted with a device that collects performance data, meaning users can set goals, like heart rate level or speed, and lights along the sleeve will flash to give you feedback. Pretty nifty, right?

There’s a catch though. High-tech sports gear doesn’t come cheap, with Glofaster’s running jacket retailing at about €335. But with perks like being able to more accurately monitor your workout, and exercising hands-free, is it worth it?

Pic credit: Boohoo