Celebrities Are Dying Their Hair Crazy Colours In Isolation

Even Ricky Martin got involved

Hairstylists across the world feared thousands of botches fringes presenting themselves in a few month’s time when lockdown was announced last month. Anticipating the dreaded task of fixing up their client’s DIY hairdressing skills when things got back to normal. But, it seems that they were totally wrong when it came to predicting the lockdown hair disasters, and it’s far far worse than a wonky side fringe.

It seems that the current stay at home measures in place have led to many people, namely celebrities dying their hair every colour under the sun in a bid to keep themselves entertained.

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Many celebs who we are so accustomed to seeing with a flawless balayage or perfect blonde locks have thrown all caution to the wind and dying their gruaige in ranging shades from blue to pink.

Hilary Duff kicked things off last week when she debuted her brand new, aqua blue locks. Proving she’s not just a regular mom, she’s a cool mom! And Georgia May Jagger quickly followed suit, looking like something straight off a hair dye ad.



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The likes of Dua Lipa and Lottie Moss have opted for a more millennial look, swapping out their usually quite tame looks for some baby pink. A look which is proving to be a clear winner among the quarantine dye jobs, as they’re going on to influence others into doing the same far and wide.

And then we have Ricky Martin, who’s quite literally livin’ la vida loca and decided to go for a spicy red look.

Well, if you can’t beat em’ join em’ we say. Just make sure to protect your hair with a nourishing and strengthening treatment like Olaplex, oh and send your hairdresser an ‘I’m sorry’ text for the next time they see you too!




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