PSA: 80s Beauty Has Taken Over

The 80s called, it wants its glam back.


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Is it the fact that we’re on the cusp of a massive recession? Or is it because we’re all watching season four of The Crown? Maybe it’s down to all our favourite influencers buying roller skates? Actually, it could have all started when Dua Lip released her old school workout music video Physical earlier this year…

Whatever it is, the 80s are back in more ways than one and we are here for it.

Known as the era of excess, there was no such thing as too much. White stilettos, loud, vibrant prints, shoulder pads and massive elastic waist belts were what everyone was wearing, and the makeup wasn’t exactly subdued either.

The beauty industry has been massively influenced by 90s makeup trends over the past few years (although thankfully not the eyebrows); think natural skin, brown lipliner and thick spidery lashes. But now in 2021, the 80s is starting to creep in. It’s a totally different vibe and tbh, we’re into it. Blue eyeshadow, lots of blush and vibrant colours on lips and eyes are what we’re seeing more of and after a grim 2020, a bright face of makeup is exactly what we need.

Some of our favourite MUAs have been showing us exactly how to make these looks more wearable and modern forty years on, so ditch the nude lip and embrace that 80s palette.

Oh So Blue


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One of the most obvious ways to channel the era is with some blue eyeshadow as it’s the first thing that comes to mind when we think of 80s makeup looks. At the time a sparkly pale blue was favoured but it can look a tad dated.

Instead, you can go for a baby blue in a matte formulation for something more modern. Pair it with black winged liner to create some contrast.

An alternative is electric blue liner, it’s a great way to slowly introduce blue shades to your makeup stash. We love Fenty Beauty’s Flypencil in Lady Lagoon, it’s super pigmented as well as soft and easy to use.

Princess Di herself was a fan of a slash of bright blue liner in her waterline, if you’re trying this look we’d suggest pairing it with lashings of mascara.

Blooming Blush


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If you’re feeling brave, why not try a sculpted blush look? Wearing lots of blusher and bringing it high up on your face was a massive trend at the time and it has slowly made a comeback. We don’t just mean applying to the high points of your cheekbones, but actually sweeping the colour up towards your temples and the brow bone area.

MUAs like Katie Jane Hughes have been experimenting with this look on Instagram and creating ways to make it look modern and wearable. Bringing the blusher all the way up to your temples may seem like a lot, but if it feels a bit OTT for you then ditch the vibrant 80s pink and instead try a softer colour like a dusky peach.

Glossier’s Cloud Paints are a great way to play with this look as you can combine them to create the perfect hue or even mix with a little foundation to sheer out the colour. You can also give your eyes a wash of the same shade if you want to go for a tonal look.

Make sure to keep eyebrows and lashes well defined so you’re not totally overcome with blusher and don’t panic if you ever feel like you’ve gone too far with this as you can always dial it back by blending over the top or the edges with your foundation brush.

All Out Colour


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Possibly the most recognisable aspect of the 80s was the era’s love of colour. Like the music, it was loud, punchy and in-your-face. We’re not just talking blue eyeshadow here but the whole rainbow of vibrant, clashing colours and neons.

After a revival of 90s style makeup; lots of mattes, browns and nudes, we’re excited to see people embracing colour again, nowhere was this trend more visible than in HBO’s teen drama, Euphoria.

Like the clothes of the time, more is more here. Start with your eyes only and slowly work towards a bold eye paired with a vibrant lip – there’s no such thing as too much when embracing this trend.

The BPerfect Carnival Palette is a great place to start with 40 vibrant shades to choose from. Perhaps you want to get graphic and colourful with your liner? Try the Glisten Cosmetics Wet Liners, loved by Louise McSharry, these come in over 70 different colours and can be used for anything from tight-lining, winged liner, to patting all over lids for a punch of pigment.