How To Stop Your Jeans Sagging

They fit like a glove in the shop. Two weeks in, and they're loose at the knees and saggy at the ass. Here's how to stop it happening.


girl in denim jeans

#GRR. You spent a small fortune on those, ever-so-beautiful, form-flattering, butt-improving, skinny jeans, and you strutted around that changing room feeling like Queen Bey, before hot-footing it to the till to splurge a sizeable portion of this month’s pay on them. But four wears in, and they’re starting to sag. They’ve gone baggy at the knees, and the denim that was once caressing your curves, is now lagging somewhere south. Super frustrating. Here’s how to prevent it in future.

Take the changing room test

First step: Look for a pair that contains two per cent elastine (You’ll find that stat on the label). It’s just the right amount to ensure those skinnys retain their shape. Next, you wanna test how good the ‘recovery’ is. Squat down for 60 seconds and then check to see if the jeans have retained their shape. They’ve stretched? Put them back on the shelf and move on. Yes, even if they’re totally gorgeous. #Sighsies.

Get savvy about sizing

Jeans that are too tight are more likely to crease and stretch. And if they’re already too big? They’ll only get more baggy. Sizing is super, duper important, but as we all know, you can be a perfect 10 in one shop, and on the other side of a size 14 in the another. The fix? Get nifty with a measuring tape and know your waist, hip and thigh measurements. Once you’ve got your sizing sussed, you can check those numbers against the label, and aim for a better fit, and less stretching.

Wash them right

We know, we know,  it’s majorly tempting to chuck your jeans in with the rest of your wash, (#Guilty), but, just like you wouldn’t frazzle your prized Victoria Secrets bra at 90 degrees, your denims need proper care too. To keep your denims fresh, wash them on a delicate cycle, and air-dry them; it’ll help retain their shape.  Sure, it takes extra time, but your jeans will last longer, promise!


Pic credit: Man Repeller