Love Island Couple In For Drama As Family Members Share ‘Choice Words’ About Relationship

It's time to meet the parents!

This season of Love Island is nearly over, and we all know what that means, its time for a family (and friends) reunion.

That’s right the fan favourite segment will be back in tonight’s episode. While it isn’t exactly an official challenge, one couple will definitely find it tough as family members aren’t entirely happy with the relationship.

Shaq and Tanya are in for some tension tonight as Shaq’s aren’t entirely pleased with Tanya. Presumably a result of the pair’s brief split after Casa Amor, when Tanya recoupled with Dubliner Martin.

While the day starts out well for the couple, after meeting Tanya’s family. As her mum, Polite and her Auntie Cynthia visit the villa, and share their love for the relationship.

As Auntie Cynthia says: “We’ve seen you guys from the start, we’ve seen you grow, we’ve seen you fall out, we’ve seen you pick up the pieces, we’ve seen you make up and to me, that’s love.”

However, Shaq is joined by sister, Tahira and friend Levi. While we have yet to see their conversation upon his return, Shaq tells Tanya, “My sister had a few choice words to say.”

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Meanwhile the rest of the islanders are reunited with their loved ones as well.

Ron and Lana are the first to meet up with their friends and family from outside the villa. The couple are visited by Ron’s dad Rodney and friend Harry arrive, joined by Lana’s mum Rachel and friend Rebecca.

All of whom approve of the relationship. With Harry saying: “I can’t believe you’ve got a girlfriend, I never thought I’d see the day.”

While Rodney gushes: ““You make a lovely couple,” while Lana’s mum Rachel agrees: “They do, don’t they.”

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Tom and Samie loved ones visited the villa as well. With Samie’s mum Wendy and sister Courtney, along with Tom’s mum Maxine and sister Laura joining the couple.

Catching up with his family, Laura tells her brother: “She’s unbelievable, you make such a good couple, how affectionate you are with each other, you’re always looking for each other, it’s just so nice to see. I think she’s the one for you.”

Meanwhile, Samie asks her mum and sister: ‘“Do you like him?”

With Samie’s mum sharing her approvel: “He’s so lovely, he absolutely adores you Samie and you really like him don’t you? I’ve never seen you like this, ever.”

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Next  to visit the villa is Kai’s mum Jill and step-dad Kenneth, alongside Sanam’s mum Gayatri and friend Imaan.

Sanam is quick to ask her mum’s opinion on her new beau saying: “What do you think of Kai?”

With Gayatri: “He seems like a pretty amazing person and he said that he will look after you.”

As the families meet later on, Kenneth tells the couple: “You look perfect together, I couldn’t have wished for a better partner for him.”

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Last to visit the villa are Jessie’s mum Alice and sister Rachel with Will’s dad Andrew and brother Tom.

Jessie makes sure to find out her family’s opinion on Farmer Will, asking: “What do you think of Will?”

With Alice gushing: “We love him, we all love him, Dad adores him.”

As Will meets the Aussie family for the first time, he says: “It’s so lovely to see you guys here, from the bottom of my heart, it’s so lovely to see you two.”

As Jessie’s mum tells Will: “I’ve watched you support her and love her, you’ve got our hearts too and her dad’s ready for the two of you to get married.”

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Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on Virgin Media Two and Virgin Media Player.

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