Silver Fox Alert! 9 Male Celebs Who Just Keep Getting Better With Age

Basically they'll be hotties forever.

We know it’s unfair, but it’s the truth: men have harnessed the power to grow old gracefully much more easily than women have.

Maybe it’s because they usually don’t have make-up to hide behind throughout their younger years. If a man is a hottie in his twenties and thirties, it’s probably down to good genetics – and a strong jawline. Those things don’t fade as you get older. On the contrary, they just get better.

With that in mind, we’ve been checking out some of our favourite silver foxes, with bonus points if they actually HAVE grey hair.

Barack Obama
Yup, the outgoing US President is not only ten GAZILLION times hotter than his replacement, but he’s also just a ride in general. Definitely a PILF.


Keanu Reeves
With the new John Wick: Chapter Two sequel in cinemas this week, we had to give Keanu a mention. In fact, here he is demonstrating his ability to be the perfect Valentine’s date over on our YouTube channel. Catch previews of John Wick: Chapter Two from February 14th, with general release on February 17th.


Matt LeBlanc
He was a hottie as Joey in Friends, and he’s still a hottie now. Never change, Matt.


Liam Neeson
We hear he has a very particular set of skills…


Rupert Graves
Only Rupert Graves could still pull off baby-faced freshness aged 53. He has truly beaten the Gods of Ageing.


Jeffrey Dean Morgan
We’ve been a fan of Jeffrey since his days as Denny on Grey’s Anatomy, and he has only improved with age.


Stephen Ritts
Model Stephen is a wildcard addition, but by GOD does he know how to rock that grey hair.


George Clooney
No ‘silver fox’ list would be complete without a mention of George. Soon he’ll be a DILF, too – he’s expecting twins with his wife Amal.


Javier Bardem
That Spanish blood has saved Javier from grey hair for now, but we reckon he’d look twice as hot with some salt ‘n’ peppa.


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