What Does Your Choice Of Sunglasses Say About Your Personality?

Embellished? Reflective? Oversized? Your choice of shades can reveal a whole lot about you.


The first lesson in Glam Girl 101 – Oversized sunnies, all the time. Imperative to maintaining an air of importance and/or avoiding lesser glam peeps, you believe that only a chosen few should get to catch a glimpse of your magnificent mug. You adore Le Drunch at the Marker and you can regularly be found strutting your stuff with multiple BTs’ bags and/or a large skinny cappuccino.


Oversized Sunglasses, €11.25, New Look

Cat eye

Just like a 1950’s starlet (or a bad smell), an unrelenting air of mystery follows you around. Every inch the lady, you’re style is regal, feminine, but never ever flirty. A midi skirt and trench-coat is your go to get-up and if you’re drinking anything you better believe that it’s champagne. Bollinger darling.

Cat Eye

Cat Sunglasses, €16, Nasty Gal


You are ridiculously cool and, while they more than often do, nobody has to tell you. With a wardrobe filled with Cos classics and Acne Studio staples, if it wasn’t so un-PC you would describe your style as Stockholm Syndrome. Green juice is your tipple of choice (made freshly in your Nutri-Bullet) and you totally wanted to visit Antwerp before it got cool.


Geometric Sunglasses, €21.13, A.J Morgan


All sparkle everything. Glitter isn’t just how you dress, it’s a way of life. Your handbag which, dons a mermaid or unicorn motif, usually contains a glue gun and sequins, just in case. Less is more is a motto you’ve never understood and when people say your outfit is “interesting”, you always take it as a compliment.


Embellished Sunglasses, €33.80, Jeepers Peepers


Like this style of sunnies, you are here for a good time, not for a long time! You are a party girl who can be found at all of the hottest gigs and you absolutely live for festival season. Denim shorts and crop-tops are among your wardrobe staples and, if the occasion allows it, you’ll go hell for leather with a tribal headpiece.


Reflective sunglasses, €14.08, Monki

Double Wire Lense

Double Wire

On point is your most used phrase, particularly when describing your own #ootd. You always know what’s hot, Calvin Kleins and chokers yo, and have little to no time for things (and people) that are not. Your shoe-drobe is a lust-worthy collection of the freshest kicks. And you can actually get away with saying the word kicks.

Double Wire Lense Sunglasses, €16.90, Asos

By Sinead O’Reilly.


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