What To Wear To Brunch When You’re Hungover, Celebrating Or Meeting The Girls

Yummy brunch is our favourite thing about weekends. It means a lie-in and mountains of delicious food. But what to wear? We've got you covered for four different fashion dilemmas. #sorted

three girls street style

“I said WHAAAAAT last night!?”

Got a breakfast-lunch hybrid requirement you’ve gotta be on fashion message for? No problemo, girlfriend. That’s what STELLAR’s here for: we’ve got the design deets to get you covered for a quad of brunch situations. Oh, you’re so welcome.

1. Birthday brunching

It’s your fellas birthday and you’re hitting the newest hotspot. Keep it slick and simple with some stripes and chunky heels.

Asos dress

€48, Asos

2. Catch up brunch

You haven’t had a proper chin wag with the girls in yonks and pedis are on the agenda for after. Comfy casual doesn’t have to mean you compromise on style.

Zara top


€7.95, Zara

Topshop jeans

€60, Topshop

3. Family brunch

You’ve been so busy in work that you haven’t had time for a proper catch up in ages. Monochrome, grey and print are always a safe bet.

River Island waistocoat


€75, River Island

Zara Boot

€69.95, Zara

4. Hangover brunch

You’re filled with fear; a hat and sunglasses are your new best friend. Cosy knits are also a must. Don’t worry, the Bloody Mary is on its way, and you look deadly.

Stella McCartney Jumper



€470, Stella McCartney

Warehouse 21


€21, Warehouse