WTF? H&M Are Making Clothes Out Of Cow Poop In The Interest Of Sustainability

Any leftover poop is then used as an energy source.

H&M is super committed to eco-friendly fashion, but their latest venture is taking sustainability to a whole new level.

The retailer already rewards customers with a discount if they bring gently-used clothes into store to be recycled, and it plans to only use recycled materials and renewable resources, such as cotton, water, and energy by 2040.

Now they’re going to start making clothes out of cow poop. We repeat, COW POOP.

So called ‘Poop Fabric’ or ‘Mestic’ was created by Jalila Essaidi, and it’s produced when cellulose found in cattle dung is converted into a hardy fabric… #Science.

The most eco-friendly thing about it is that the leftover poop is used as an energy source to fuel the production process.

Apparently the smell disappears before it becomes an actual garment, so you can support sustainability in fashion without holding your nose.

Watch Jalila’s video about why manure matters here…

Whaddya reckon? Would you wear clothes made from cow poop?

If you’re that-way inclined, check out the current issue of Stellar magazine, where our fashion editor, Linda, wrote all about sustainable fashion. Find it in all good newsagents now!

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