Forget First Dates – Tell Us Your WORST Dates & You Can Win A Prize!

Snag €200 worth of beauty booty by telling us your absolute #1 worst dating story!

worst dates

In our next issue (June, yikes), we’re taking a look at the funny/awful/gross/great dating stories we know everyone has in them. And we need YOU!

So ladies, we want you to (anonymously, of course), tell us your absolutely worst, most horrific dating story for possible inclusion in the magazine. And yes, it can involve poo. In fact, we’d LOL if it did. Got a really bad, gross, inappropriate story? Went on a Tinder date with a complete clown? Got rip-roaring drunk out of nervousness and fell over, showing your knickers?

Tell us! Spread the horror among your people. We’ve all been there.

You could be in with a chance to win a prize from the STELLAR beauty cupboard worth a cool €200, too. So really, it’s a no-brainer. And of course, we’ll mention no names.
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