10 Cute Dresses That Will Make You Excited To Wear Clothes Again

The tracksuits will be packed away, someday.

It’s been approximately 2 weeks now since our faces have seen a lick of make-up, and three since our boobs have been inside a bra… and while that’s kind of a slice of heaven, it’s kinda sorta getting to the point where we’re missing pretty things now.

Sure, we could doll ourselves up and go sit in the living room, but that involves both commitment and energy, neither of which we’re living to give while we’re currently living through a pandemic.

BUT, it’s not all doom and gloom. Better days are ahead, and in just a few short month’s time we will (hopefully) have left all of this behind and it will be summer, meaning that there’s reason to get glammed up and wear dresses every-single-day.

So, while we wait for the day to come, we might as well add some prettiness to our wishlists in the meantime. Here’s some cute v dresses to get you going.

Willow Pink Floral Dress – Topshop – €64

Polka Dot Dress – Zara – €39.95

Floral Puffed Sleeve Dress – Mango – €49.99

Seersucker Maxi Dress – Monki – €50

Long-Sleeves Cotton Dress – H&M – €27.99

Multi Joanne Hynes Art Girl Dress – Dunnes – €150

Green Puff Sleeve Tiered Midi Dress – New Look – €30

Crochet Style Mini Dress – Warehouse – €62.00

Darcey Green Floral Midi Dress – Urban Outfitters – €59

Red Check Shirred Maxi Dress – Topshop – €60