3 Jewellery Trends We’re Loving in 2023

STELLAR PROMOTION: Add some personality to your looks this summer.

Trends may come and go – but your own sense of personal style is forever.

That doesn’t mean that we can’t keep on top of what’s trending and incorporate it in our own looks to create something entirely new.

With Pandora, you can wear your gorgeous jewellery in a way that suits you and you only. Express yourself through their beautiful pieces that can be mixed, matched, and personalised to give everybody their own individual look.

For the minimalists among us, why not go for a single necklace, a beautiful ring, or a glamorous pair of earrings?

For those who love to express themselves through fashion, layering your pieces is the perfect way to try something new and add your signature style. We’re talking beautifully curated wrists dominated by charms, stunning layered necklaces, and multiple gorgeous rings.

Pandora’s stunning collection allow you to create your own perfectly curated look. From touching charms to subtle pearls, there’s something to suit every taste this summer.

This year’s jewellery trends are dominated by bold statement pieces like pearls, layering, stacking, and beautiful nostalgia pieces.

Here are three of our favourite trends from 2023, and some accompanying pieces from Pandora that we’re loving at the moment.

1. Pearls

Whether you’re in the market for a classic look, something more modern, or anything in between, you can always rely on a pearl.

Classy, striking, and sure to elevate any look this year, pearls are one of 2023’s must have jewellery accessories – and we can absolutely see why.

Pandora currently boasts a whole host of Treated Freshwater Cultured Pearls in their current collections, and it’s safe to say they’re absolutely beautiful.

Pandora ME Treated Freshwater Cultured Pearl Bracelet – €149.00

Treated Freshwater Cultured Baroque Pearl Hoop Earrings – €99.00

Freshwater Pearl Necklace Set – €104.00

2. Layering

When it comes to accessories, it’s all about layering.

Why choose just one? Elevate your simple outfit with ease by pairing different pieces, metals, and textures.

With Pandora, you can curate your own arm with some of their gorgeous charms, layer your necklaces to achieve a unique look, or stack your rings to create a beautiful hand that’s specific to you.

Here are some of our favourite rings from Pandora’s latest collection that are just perfect for stacking.

Pandora ME Pavé & Blue Dual Ring – €59.00

Infinity Knot Ring – €39.00

Celestial Sparkling Sun Ring – €69.00

3. Nostalgia

Jewellery can be about making a statement… but it can also be about capturing special moments and remembering those closest to you.

2023 is all about nostalgia wearing. And we’re not just talking about showing off old, timeless pieces – we’re talking about wearing jewellery that reminds you of a certain time and place, a person, or a significant moment in your life.

And what better way to hold on to special memories than with some touching charms from Pandora’s latest collection?

Openable Passport Dangle Charm – €39.00

Opalescent Blue Hamsa Hand Dangle Charm – €69.00

Protective Hamsa Hand Dangle Charm – €45.00

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