4 Tips For Keeping It Stylish In The Office This Summer

Make this summer your most stylish!

Summer is finally here! Well kind of. The little hints of sun we have been seeing recently can only mean one thing – it’s finally time to retire those winter knits and pull out the sun dresses and shorts. 

Ireland is notorious for making us drag those cardigans into the summer months with spontaneous showers and sometimes cold winds which never truly let us leave the house with the confidence of being warm from day to night. 

That being said, those of us working in an office are cracking windows open and praying for cold air while sweating underneath our layers. We are here to tell you that just because the weather is heating up does not mean you cannot still be a fashion icon in your office. 

Every office dress code is different but this article is equipped with all the necessities for any office to keep you looking stylish even for the summer. 

All winter we have been listening to people tell us the importance of layering, the idea of wearing too many layers in the middle of summer may already have you sweating but you don’t have to be! 

These three words are now your best friends – breathable, light-coloured and loose. Clothes made of cotton, linen and jersey keep you cool and attract the least amount of heat. 

Here are some of our favs.

1. Linen Galore! 

Shirts are a very good alternative to your sweaters or cardigans. You can switch out those long sleeve more fitted pieces or blouses for short sleeves and light summery coloured loose shirts. 

River Island Linen Shirt – €39.99

Don’t forget about bottoms, ditch those fitted trousers and jeans for a looser look. Linen trousers are big this year and taking the shops by storm. What a great alternative to the tight fit of denim- plus you feel like you are wearing basically nothing. They are so lightweight!

H&M- Linen Trousers – €21.99

2.  Sundress Season 

My personal fav is a dress! You may be thinking – can I make a dress office appropriate? Simply switch out those shorter fitted dresses for a longer alternative. There are so many styles of dresses out there to suit each office and each person, especially with all the new summer collections recently. 

Zara- Linen blend floral print dress -€39.95

Zara- Belted Linen Blend shirt dress-€49.95

3. Accessorise!

No outfit is complete without accessories and this is the best way to keep your own unique flair and keep your style in the summer months. If you are wearing a dress why not add a chunky belt or a statement necklace or earrings? If you are wearing a neutral colour why not wear a colourful bag or pair of shoes?

Small head scarves are also an accessory which have so many variations. You can tie them around your neck, around a bag or in your hair. They are definitely a staple needed in every summer wardrobe.

Urban Outfitters- Satin Head Scarf – €12.95

This year we are definitely seeing the birth of way more colour blocking. This is such a great way to elevate your look. 

Colour blocking is all about taking colours on the opposite side of the colour wheel and pairing them together to make complementary colour combinations which have a bold and beautiful impact on the eye. Some of the most popular colours trending this year are pink paired with either blue, orange or green. 

If this idea scares you, you can always start small. If you are wearing a pink shirt why not just bring a green or orange bag? Accessories can also count as colour blocking, it’s a great way to grasp people’s attention and keep you looking stylish. 

4. Rain showers

There is no escaping it, we live in Ireland and the rain is always going to make an appearance, but this summer we are going to be prepared… and stylish. 

Urban Outfitters- Quarter Zip Windbreaker- €99.00

Lightweight raincoats are so handy to throw in your bag. This year we are seeing way more prints and colourful options emerging, so why not have some fun with your outerwear? Nobody wants to cover up a stylish outfit, we want to accentuate it. 


Zara – Water Repellent Raincoat- €49.95

Don’t put those trench coats away just yet! We have all seen the beige trench coats which have been trending the last few years. They don’t keep much heat in, but are great for the rain and for summer weather because of their lightweight material. 

Summer is a great time to experiment with colour and new styles. Why not try some of these tips and challenge yourself to be the best dressed in your office this year?


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