5 Days At Copenhagen Fashion Week With STELLAR

Ever wondered what Copenhagen Fashion Week was really like?

STELLAR Fashion Editor Zeda shares her diary of her first ever CPHFW, the A/W23 edition.

Day 1

I’m so glad I decided to land the night before to ease myself in. You’re going to be shocked and slightly disgusted but I took four suitcases for barely five days! (Shout out to Antler for hooking your girl up with some cute and spacious cases!) I arrived at my hotel, unpacked and took a stroll around the city. Everyone looked so cool, I wanted to puke from nerves for the week ahead.

Day 2

For the first day of Fashion Week, I decided to wear an all-denim outfit… see, I didn’t know what the vibe was yet and I didn’t want to stick out like a sore thumb.

I headed to my first few viewings, NYNNE and By Malene Birger. Everyone is so lovely which made me feel a little better. The first show was STAMM for the Zalando Sustainability Award show.

I was nervous but as I walked in, I was asked to do a fake walk back in so they could take some content and pictures. The show was full of cool glasses, on-trend sheer pieces and unique silhouettes and I got to see firsthand how it all goes down. Then I got interviewed outside by StockX.

As I had a huge gap to the next event, I met a really cool local stylist, Smila Marc who showed me around shops as we talked FASHION! After some window-shopping and attending some other events with Smila, I headed back to my hotel for a nap and to prepare for the Zalando opening party.

For the party, I switched up my makeup and hair and picked another sustainable outfit – a men’s suit that I flipped around and called it a day! I got so many questions and compliments and I had to keep reminding everyone it was only €2! It was then on to a little after-party in Soho House until 3am.

Day 3

It started off with the second show and designer vying for the Zalando Sustainability Award which was Zelam Fessahaye. I wore a cosy outfit and trainers as I learnt my lesson from the day before. Also the weather didn’t love my faux fur coat!

The Zelam Fessahaye show was beautiful – the colours, the designs, the diversity AND the fish shoes were so awesome to see, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

I originally planned to change but there was no time so I linked up with the fabulous Irish DJ Tara Kumar and we headed to the Stine Goya show. The set blew me away, it was all these sculptures with liquid and the styling of the show was fabulous too!

I wanted a funky quick outfit change for the night so I did the fastest glam and outfit change known to man and headed back out for a flurry of events! I got to go to the Cannari Concept launch and the Samsoe Samsoe afterparty. It was too fun chatting to all these cool fashion people. I headed back to the hotel a little earlier and slept it all off ready for the last official day of the fashion week!

Day 4

Life is funny because when I left the hotel, I was doubting my outfit and kept trying to change things but I yelled at myself internally to keep it moving! I went to the last show for the Zalando award which was eco-friendly Ukrainian brand TG Botanical. With cool knits and refreshing silhouettes, I really loved the unique take on staple pieces.

When I arrived, I was asked to take so many pictures and do interviews, a pleasant surprise since I thought the outfit was a flop! After the show, I needed a food break so I ate a charcuterie board so expensive I had to call my friend in disbelief!

We went back to the venue for STAMM to be announced as the well-deserved winner.

It was then onto the Holzweiler show and craziness ensued. I got there on the official CPHFW bus and from the second I got down, there was a swarm of paparazzi, I’ve never seen anything like it!

As I was taking some solo pictures, someone screamed “are you guys wearing the same thing?’’ Low and behold, we both turned around and the lovely Nana was wearing the same H&M Studio jacket and bag that I was! I personally love moments like this as we styled the same pieces but in our own way. Little did we know that one of these photographers worked for Vogue!

The Holzweiler show was so beautiful, the set design made us feel underwater and they gave us iconic pieces infused with their brand DNA and funky styling. I was still giddy from all the outside attention, I couldn’t sit!

After the show, I ran to the hotel to change for the next shows. Rotate had models of all shapes and sizes down the runway including Real Housewife Lisa Rinna! The pieces were so wearable, I took notes for our next few shoots. Luckily our next show was around the corner, so we flew down and got immersed in ISO’s alien world taking streetwear and leisurewear to new levels.

That brought the shows to an end. I was exhausted but I couldn’t pass up a party! I went back to the hotel and threw on the most ridiculous outfit I could find and headed out to dance the night away at the Rotate afterparty!

Day 5

I survived my first Fashion Week! I had time before flying home to explore the city. I visited some lovely vintage shops and got some pieces then heavily debated how I was going to get them home. I also met with the lovely Charlotte from Kroon02 and she let me explore the collection and I got to use their designs for this issue’s editorial.

By Zeda


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