9 Products & Tips To Keep Your Body Looking Brilliant This Winter

In STELLAR's March 2016 issue we take a look at 40 solutions to protect and serve skin during winter, and here are nine more for body. Because hands, legs, bums and tums need attention too, y'hear?

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Need a skin pick-me-up this winter? We’re on it.

Looking for a complexion boost? We hear you: as storm after storm lashes our shores, it’s hard not to feel like skin’s taking a battering too. So, in STELLAR’s March issue, we’ve rounded up the best new season launches for all concerns and topped them off with expert tips. Here’s the nicest bit of all – we saved the body bits for online so you’ve got even more treats to read. Enjoy!

Clockwise from top left:

1. Catch your zeds

Double benefits always capture our attention and the fact that this body cream from This Works delivers soft skin and restful benefits makes it a winner. This Works Sleep Plus Dream Body, €33.

2. Wham balm

Everyone needs a thicker cream in their beauty arsenal to fight stubborn dry patches when the weather is chillier; this newbie from Roger & Gallet smells fantastic. Roger & Gallet Precious Nourishing Body Balm, €23.

3. Butterfly effect

The new term to know? Coccooning. “Don’t forget your body while it’s hidden under layers,” warns Sally Penford. “It too is suffering the ill effects of winter, and come summer you’ll want it to emerge silky smooth and hydrated. Indulge in essential oil infused baths, step up exfoliating and slather on a rich body moisturiser daily to keep skin tip-top.” Duly noted.

4. Layer up

A fab way to intensify your perfume and lock some moisture in, a moisturising body oil is also great on bare legs. L’Occitane Neroli & Orchidee Body Oil, €26.

5. Scrub up

Before treating any dry spot, exfoliate, stresses Debbie McVicar, Clarins’ National Training Manager. “Start with a good scrub, something like Clarins’ Tonic Body Polisher,” she recommends. This helps to rid the skin of dead cells, giving whatever you apply on top the best chance of penetration.

6. Sister act

The partner to the famous serum, now meet the one to sort out the rest of your skin. “You can really concentrate on the areas more prone to ageing such as the chest and neck,” advises Dr Mike Bell, skincare scientific advisor for Boots. No7 Protect & Perfect Intense Advanced Moisturising Body Serum, €20.

7. Spray away

Brilliantly priced, pick this fab-scented new launch up with your supermarket shopping and use it daily – the easy spray nozzle makes it a cinch to apply. Garnier Ultimate Blends Nourishing Oil, €11.99.

8. Luxe lovely

The big guns: part of Estée Lauder’s Revitalizing Supreme line, this is an anti-ager you can concentrate on areas like decolletage, shoulders and elbows, or anywhere age is showing its signs. Estée Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Body Cream, €60.

9. That’s handy

And don’t forget your hands, huh? “It’s important to protect and nourish the hands from the harsh effect of winter, pollution, chemicals and detergents,” agrees Elizabeth Whelan from Nuxe. “A good gentle exfoliating body product can be used on the hands several times a week, an effective hand cream used throughout the day especially after washing the hands is also very beneficial.”


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