Ah Here, Gucci Is Now Selling O’Neill’s Inspired Shorts Thanks To Paul Mescal

And you don't have to play county to get in on the trend.

All hail Paul Mescal, the fashion icon.

Little did you know that your brother/boyfriend/spouse was ahead of the fashion trend when they insisted on packing their O’Neill’s shorts and jersey for a trip to the Amalfi Coast, despite you persistently saying “you won’t be needing those!”

Yep, they were obviously just fashion forecasting and knew that in time, O’Neill’s shorts would have their day.

Paul Mescal has put GAA shorts in the spotlight as prêt-à-porter fashion that’s accessible to everyone, EVEN if you don’t play county.

Hailed by GQ as a “summer staple”, featured in Daily Mail’s “fashion finder” and now, a dupe on Gucci, I mean, he’s some man for one man and we can be sure that sales for Maynooth O’Neill’s in particular have sky rocketed thanks to Connell Waldron.

Not afraid of getting his pins out, Paul is inspiring people to do the same and so, Gucci has got in on the action offering O’Neill-esque shorts for €550.

Gorgeous bargain.

But no, they don’t come with yearly ticks to Croker however, they are waterproof and you can swim in them so again, ideal for the Amalfi Coast trip.

To complete the look we’d suggest buying a vintage ski jacket and accessorise with a pair of Ray Bans and a couple cans of Gordon’s pink gin. There you have it. Paul, who?

You can shop O’Neill’s shorts online here, starting at just €3.


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