Ariana Grande Uses These Exact Hair Ties To Keep Her Signature Pony In Place

Thick-haired ladies, rejoice!

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It’s rare to see Ariana Grande without her hair slicked back in a GIANT ponytail, and at this stage she’s got the style down to a fine art.

As any ponytail aficionado will know, you can’t just use any hair tie if you want your pony to actually stay in place – especially if you’re on stage in front of a crowd of thousands.

So how does Ariana avoid ponytail slippage? According to her hair stylist Aaron Light, the singer uses a very specific type of hair tie for extra grip and hold: a bungee band.

These bands have a hooked grip, meaning they can be wrapped and unwrapped without pulling the hair. Plus, they are perfect for keeping thick locks in place.

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“I love using bungees, especially on clients with thick hair, because you have more control over the hair and can achieve a very tight and secure ponytail,” Aaron told Allure.

“Regular hair bands have a tendency to slip, where bungees really stay put at the base.”

Aaron favours Smoothie Bungee Bands, which retail around €6 for a pack of three and can be purchased on Amazon. Alternatively, you can buy bungee bands from an Irish stockist here, €2.99 for a pack of four.

While we’re loving the idea of a more secure ponytail, we’re not sure about Ariana’s other hair hack – cutting holes in her baseball caps so her hair can fit through:

We’ll stick to hat-free looks for now, thanks.