Confused? Everything You Need To Know About Getting Taylor Swift Tickets

Are You Ready For It?

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Taylor Swift announced that she would be bringing her Eras Tour to Ireland in 2024. She will play The Aviva on the 28th and the 29th of June.

And it’s safe to say that the country has gone mad.

Hotel prices have already skyrocketed weeks before tickets go on sale and there’s a new ticketing system if you want to get your hands on some.

Here is everything you need to know if you want to make all your wildest dreams come true and see Taylor Swift.


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When do tickets go on sale?

This is one of the first spots of confusion – when do tickets go on sale?

Every country has a different on-sale date. Here in Ireland, it’s the 13th of July. So you’ll have plenty of time to be..Ready For It.

The tickets go on sale at 10am.

Tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis while the current available inventory lasts.

These tickets will only be available to those who registered.


What do you mean register?

Yes, this is a new step in the process. It is an attempt to make sure fans get the tickets rather than resellers.

So you will have to sign-up before tickets go on sale if you want access to them.

If you are successful you will be sent a code and a link to nab your tickets on July 13th.


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How do I register?

Ticket registration is now open.

Fans can register on each city’s official ticket registration page here up until Friday 23rd June at 11:59pm (local time) in Ireland and Europe.

It doesn’t matter when you register just as long as you sign up before midnight on Friday.

However, registering doesn’t mean that you are guaranteed to get tickets or even the code.

Those randomly selected will receive an email on the 5th July to notify them that they can participate in the sale and at what time they should access the site.

Registered fans who receive a unique code will have first access to purchase tickets in each city.

Fans who want an opportunity to access ticket on-sales in multiple cities should register once for each city they would like to attend.

If you are selected to receive an access code, you will receive two SMS messages the afternoon before ticket sales begin. The messages will include timing details and a link to where the on-sale will occur, and your unique access code.

Additional information on the registration process can be found here and by clicking through each city.

Dear Reader, if you do not get access to this sale you will be placed on a waitlist.


If I get access to the sale, how can I buy tickets?

Buying tickets is the straightforward part. Kind of…

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Click the link you were sent at the appropriate time.
  • Enter your unique access code. Should you receive an error, double-check you entered the access code exactly as it appears in the SMS you received.
  • Due to demand, after entering your access code, you may experience a longer than usual wait time. Do not refresh the page during this time.
  • When completing your ticket purchase, stay within one browser window. Opening multiple windows or tabs to purchase tickets, may result in errors.
  • You may not exceed the ticket limit of four (4).
  • For faster checkout, make sure your billing address and credit card information is up to date prior to the on-sale.

Then those tickets will belong with you.


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What is the waitlist?

Unfortunately, not everyone will be selected for the sale.

Those who are not will be placed on a waitlist and some may be moved off if tickets become available.

What happens if I’m moved off the waitlist?

You will receive two SMS messages containing your access code details and where to access the relevant on-sale.

Keep in mind, your notification may come at any time after Thursday 13 July at 10am.

When notified, your SMS will include:

  • A link to the on-sale and your unique access code
  • Please also watch your email. If there are delivery issues, such as an incorrectly entered mobile number or network issues, we will email your access code details.
  • Purchasers are held to a ticket limit of 4 (four).
  • Please note, getting off the waitlist does not guarantee access to tickets. Tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis while the currently available inventory lasts.


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How much are tickets?

Ticketmaster has not shared ticket prices just yet.

So we’ll have to guess.

For the US tour, tickets were originally expected to cost between $49 (€45) and $449 (€411) across the American venues.

Harry Styles played the Aviva in 2022, basic tickets ranged from €77.50 to €117.50, plus booking fees at the time.

Hopefully, this will help you survive The Great War and help you nab those Taylor Swift tickets.