Could We Be Getting A One Direction Reunion in 2023?

We’re not ready!

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Our hearts are beating wildly at the possibility that One Direction could finally be reuniting this year!

That’s right, the rumour mill is rife that a One Direction reunion could actually be happening in 2023 – that certainly wasn’t on our bingo card, but we move!

We all know the relationship Mr James Corden has forged with each of the guys – particularly Harry and Niall – and with his fast approaching exit from CBS we have to wonder will the band get back together? If anyone can manage to get the “biggest band on the planet” back together it’s Mr Corden.

James is set to leave his role as host of The Late Late Show with James Corden this year and has been working exceptionally hard to make his last couple of months of the show count – we can totally see the boys showing up to chat with him on his last show as host which is set to air on April 27th 2023.


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The English host has a soft spot for the 1D boys and has maintained relationships with Niall and Harry as they navigate the world as solo artists with both reappearing in the show’s famed carpool karaoke segment.

Harry has also co-hosted the show and has even helped James out when his wife went into labour by hosting the show for a week long stint.

When James was first learning the ropes in how to host his own talk show, he welcomed the One Direction boys into is range rover and went for a drive to chat and singalong to some One Direction hit songs – a carpool karaoke video that has since become the most popular in the show’s history with 194 million views on Youtube.

Back in 2020, numerous fans tweeted James with requests for him and the Late Late Show crew to kidnap the boys just like they did with the Jonas Brothers. The movement took on so much life that he had to address the situation live on the show saying: “The more people ask me to kidnap the boys, the less likely I am to do it. You’re killing any element of surprise, and surprise is a major factor when kidnapping someone. In the history of kidnapping, I don’t think any of them have originated from a fan account suggesting that a crime take place”.

But… would he do it for his last show on air? We think the possibilities are quite high considering he loves having them on the show but there’s also been some wild moments of late including a selfie slip up, a walking coffee catch up and friends supporting friends achievements that are stirring the rumour mill even more.

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Earlier this month Harry posted a gym selfie on his Instagram stories wearing a t-shirt from the One Direction Up All Night’s Tour in 2012. Fans took to Twitter in a frenzy with one even commenting: “THE SHIRT OMG ONE DIRECTION REUNION COMING SOON AHH MY HEART”. Harry quickly deleted the pic to fans utmost disappointment, creating these hashtags #hedeletedit and #theshirt which ended up trending on the social media site.

It comes not long after he accepted an award at the BRITS where he took to the stage to thank his mother, Anne but also the 1D boys, naming each of them – Zayn included – and thanking them saying: “I wanna thank Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn because I wouldn’t be here without you either”.

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While the boys have said previously that while they would love to reunite they don’t think it’s on the cards for the time being. Louis said in an interview with The Telegraph in 2022: “We’re all making very different music, doing our own thing, all busy all the time. So I don’t see anything happening for at least another 10 years, but you never know”, we still have hope that Mr Corden can pull off the impossible and get them back for his final show.

Let’s be real if James managed to get it done and bring One Direction back… it would 100% break the internet!




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