Fans Think They Have *Actually* Figured Out Molly-Mae’s Baby Name This Time

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There has been constant speculation about Molly-Mae and Tommy Fury’s baby since her pregnancy was announced.

As the former Love Island star gets closer to delivering baby girl, the rumours and speculation have ramped up and people have been trying to guess not only her baby name, but also if the baby is born.

The baby name guesses have gone from Cloud, to Halo and more, but some fans think the latest guess on TikTok could *actually* be the one.


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One TikTok user has guessed the name Nephele Fury for the couple’s first child. She noted Molly-Mae has been using a lot of cloud emojis and Nephele supposedly translates to cloud in Greek.

Plus, the user also found a dormant Instagram account for the name, which is something celebrities have been known to do for their children so that the username is available for when they may need social media.

@itsmegannell Molly mae I am waiting I cant wait to see her little girl #mollymaehague#tommyfury#mollymaepregnant#mollymaegivenbirth#GenshinImpact34#prettylittlething#foryoupage#mollymaeandtommy ♬ original sound – Megan | Solo Travel ✈️🇦🇺

One TikToker mentioned in the comments that Nephele spelled backwards is Elehpen, which kind of sounds like elephant, which could be a nod to her teddy Ellie Belly. A reach? Sure, but it’s not impossible!

Molly-Mae and Tommy have both been very quiet the last few days on social media, which has fans thinking the pair have welcomed their daughter.

We will be keeping a close eye on their pages for a possible announcement and name reveal, but for now, we hope the expectant parents are doing well!


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