Is This The Real Reason Zara And Olivia Aren’t Getting On?

This former Islander is on the case...

It’s only week one in the Love Island villa and the drama already has us glued to the screen, Winter Love Island is really giving what it needs to give right now.

Olivia and Zara have been the main source of drama so far on the show as the pair are fighting over Tom, who seems to be telling both girls different things, classic.

But it seems the pair had bad blood from the get-go, and people have been doing detective work to figure out the reason why. Former Islander Liberty Poole is one of these people and she thinks she may have discovered the truth behind their feud.

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ICYMI, fans realised that the girls actually knew each other before entering the villa, finding a comment that Olivia left on one of Zara’s Instagram pictures in 2020. Olivia’s comment is a pinned comment on the post and it reads, “Fave photo of you”, Zara replied to Olivia saying “my babes”. Hmmm, judging from this interaction and comments made on the show, Liberty has drawn up her own conclusion of what went on between the girls before they went on the show.

Speaking on the Pop Off with Lewys Ball podcast, she explained, “So basically, I’ve seen that they knew each other before the villa. And also, what I’ve picked up on is that Olivia said, ‘Ugh she had to kiss the guy I liked, she’s done it again.’ So I’m thinking, ‘Hang on, were you guys friends before, and she’s got with a guy [that Olivia liked], and you were mates and that’s why you’re not mates anymore and there’s that tension already?’”

@lookingforlewys liberty has the mind of a mastermind… she cracked zara and olivia’s beef (full ep on youtube) #loveisland ♬ original sound – lewys

“There’s an underlying story there that we don’t know yet…” she continued.

When Zara entered the villa as a bombshell she gravitated towards Tom, who was coupled up with Olivia. Choosing to recouple with Tom, Zara has grown close to him, and Olivia isn’t enjoying that. Tom, however, is still telling Olivia that the door is not closed on them and he wants to get to know her still, while Zara is under the impression he is far more interested in her. During the game of truth or dare earlier this week, Zara said Olivia is the most two-faced in the villa, which did not go down well. And last night the pair came to blows after Olivia pulled Tom for a chat.

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After some tears, the girls made up and hugged it out, but is it actually all good? Something tells us the drama won’t end here. Plus, with new girl Jessie taking Tom on a date, this love triangle may have just become a square…

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