Jenna Ortega Fangirled Meeting Our Very Own Paul Mescal

via Instagram/Jenna Ortega

Hold it lads!

So you mean to tell us that it’s totally okay to fangirl over Paul Mescal?

Celebrities do it so why can’t we, right?

Low and behold little miss Wednesday Addams, or Jenna Ortega as she’s known in this world, revealed she had a complete fangirl moment when meeting Paul Mescal.

The pair met at the SAG Awards and well, Jenna had a little bit of a moment that may or my not have included some internal screaming, admitting she was completely starstruck meeting the Irish man.

The Scream 4 actress was speaking on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, casually explaining how she was sitting with Zendaya – yep, we know we gasped too – Zendaya! – when she realised who else was sitting within touching distance.

She reveals she was “so nervous” just being in his presence let alone speaking to him, so you can imagine her reaction when he introduced himself to her!

Jenna realised pretty quickly the Maynooth native was sitting beside Zendaya for the evening which meant he was sitting at Jenna’s table too – cue a hyperventilating moment.

She said: “I was kind of freaking out because she was sitting next to Paul Mescal, who I think is so talented and so good. I was so nervous to meet him and I knew he was going to be at my table. He introduced himself to me when I wasn’t expecting it”.

She continued saying: “He was like, “Oh hi, nice to meet you, I’m Paul,” and I was so nervous I kind of couldn’t look him in the eye”.

What a sweet moment for Jenna and we can bet it was the highlight of Paul’s night following the award presenting debacle that took over social media.

Zendaya and the 27-year-old were presenting an award together but as they made their way to the stage, Paul seemed to hold his hand out to courteously help Zendaya ascend the stairs without falling, but she appeared to completely ignore him – nobody snubs our king!

The comments on social media were straight to the point and gained a few giggles from us with one saying: “Not Zendaya swerving Paul Mescal’s hand”, while another commented: “I relate to Paul Mescal cause I too would be nervous to be next to Zendaya”.

So is there beef between these two stars? Probably not, but at least we’ve got a friend in Jenna Ortega who fangirls over Connell from Normal People just as hard as us Irish gals.