Molly-Mae Gave Followers This Hint About Bambi’s Baby Name Before She Was Born

It's very subtle!

Pic via Molly-Mae Hague Instagram

Before we knew Molly-Mae had named her daughter Bambi, there were non-stop rumours about what she was going to name her baby, and fans were really doing some detective work.

The two major front runners were Cloud and Halo, followers thought that Molly-Mae was dropping some  and now, we know what the former Love Island star really thought about the guesses.

When asked about it in an Instagram Q&A, she said, “I thought it was cute. I just love individual names so much… I was in a class at school with 3 Mollys and I always wished I had a name no one else had.


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“People did also guess it was Bambi! As I did used to give a few very small hints.”

Revealing one of those “tiny” hints, Molly-Mae showed a picture she posted back in July 2022, before she had even announced her pregnancy.

In the snap she can be seen wearing a t-shirt with a deer on it, very subtle but she knew what she was doing!


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Molly-Mae also gave fans an update about motherhood in the Q&A, plus she revealed they will be heading on their first family trip very soon.

We cannot wait for that content!


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