Molly-Mae Says She Has Been ‘Overwhelmed’ Every Day In Emotional Return To YouTube

She's being very honest about her experience.

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Have you been patiently waiting for Molly-Mae to post a vlog featuring her new life as a mom? Or maybe that catch-up video she has teased for a while now, well, she’s back on YouTube but with something a little different.

The new mom posted her first video in a while, updating fans on how she has been finding motherhood – and it’s an emotional one.

Molly-Mae explains that she has been trying to film a Q&A but can’t seem to get through it.

Saying, “I’m trying to be transparent and real about the last two months of my life but I’m also really scared to do that.”


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The former Love Island star has found that motherhood comes naturally to her and she feels “proud” of the mother that she is to Bambi, although the job doesn’t come without struggles.

“I would say becoming a mum is the best thing that has ever happened to me, but it’s also the hardest thing that has ever happened to me. Whole-heartedly I have found it really, really hard” she says.

She tells viewers that she has been, “so overwhelmed every single day” and that she’s adjusting to her new life.

After she gave birth, her boyfriend Tommy Fury was gone for about a month to prepare for and fight Jake Paul, which meant he wasn’t around to help with baby duties.  Molly-Mae admits to pushing away her friends and family at this time, claiming that she wanted Tommy there or no one there. Now, she feels this was not the right approach.


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“The day [Tommy] got home from Saudi Arabia, from the fight, it sounds crazy but it was almost better than the day that Bambi was born. The day Bambi was born, it was the best day of my entire life, but on that day I knew that our journey as a family hadn’t started yet because Tommy had to go away again,” she shares.

She talks about having a bit of “trauma” from those first few weeks explaining that she didn’t sleep for five straight days and also suffered from extreme constipation which she feels was “harder than her labour”.

This video acts as a buffer of sorts before she resumes regular vlog content as she felt she owed viewers an update before launching back to her usual content. Although she was teary throughout the video, she says she does feel ready for the return and plans to include Bambi in her vlogs soon.

Welcome back Molly-Mae!


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