Olivia Rodrigo Has Just Admitted Who Her Celebrity Crush Is

Olivia had a lot to say about the 73-year-old!


Olivia Rodrigo has spilled her GUTS about her celebrity crush and well we were shocked to say the least.

In a profile with Vogue this week Olivia revealed that one Bruce Springsteen was her “biggest celebrity crush of all time”.

We became privy to this little piece of information when Olivia spotted a bootleg album, while out shopping in a record store, entitled P*rn In The USA of Bruce Springsteen’s 1984 concert in Toronto.

According to Vogue Olivia had a good giggle over the cover which showed Bruce in a¬†white T-shirt with a warning label reading: “This record contains noises of an explicit nature that may be offensive and should not be played in the presence of minors.”


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Olivia laughed while saying she needed to take it home for her new apartment: “Yeah, you’re coming home with me.”

The Vampire singer touched on her love life saying she wants to meet her husband now! But she also stayed tight-lipped about her current relationship status: “I don’t kiss and tell.”

The singer revealed she uses her songwriting to express her emotions after a bad break-up, referencing her debut album Sour she said: “The most painful moment of my life turned into my most successful. I look back at her and I think, ‘Aw. She did well.’ I think she’d be really happy with who she is.”

Well all we can say is keep it up, we need those epic break-up tunes!