The End Part Two – A Recap On KUWTK’s Final Season – Episode 12

Vicki is back with her weekly deep dive into the latest episode of KUWTK.

The End

It’s here. And it’s straight in, no kissin’. This week’s final episode continues from where last week left off – the three sisters are having a pow wow about Kourtney and Scott’s future, and Kim wants answers. She even dares to ask if Kourtney is still attracted to Scott, which is amusing to me because in the beginning I used to wonder what this absolute goddess saw in a greasy haired fuckboi. But now I get it, totally.

As Kourtney says, he’s handsome and funny but she can’t stand Scott playing the victim and not taking accountability for himself.

She knows he’s made life improvements but he’s totally inconsistent. She can’t say them getting back together is never ever going to happen because she doesn’t know (hmm) but nothing she’s asked of him has been done and she wants her sisters to stop encouraging him. They get it, Kim especially because of what’s going on in her relationship.


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In Tahoe, Kylie has finally shown up. There’s no Rob, no partners. They play a gas game of charades, and it reminds me of what’s always attracted me and countless others to the show – their dynamic. I would actually just love to hang out with them.

Kylie is doing her video diary. Khloe asks her if she wants a light source and she deadpans “no, I look gorgeous”. A reminder of the personality she rarely exhibits.

Khloe is talking about her future. She wants a sibling and to get married again but doesn’t think either are necessary for her to be happy.


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Oh great, here’s my least favourite person. Tristan is FaceTiming from Boston and trying to manipulate Khloe in to moving there, essentially because she has no real reason not to – except she doesn’t 100% want to, which is the most important part.

Kourtney is having THE chat with Scott. He’s saying he gets the pressure too, it’s not just on her. He’s well aware he hasn’t done what she asked. But he likes hearing that everyone wants them back together. He doesn’t seem well. He’s not himself. But he says they love and trust one another and may not ever be back together, and I totally get that. Their relationship seems better than ever, really.

Kim looking PHENOM in the hot tub. There’s the infamous body that broke the internet (and was roundly mocked for creating life and growing babies, but people like to forget that.) Her makeup is flawless and I love her hair this season. That’s always been part of the attraction with the show, I love their glam and style – it is absolutely no surprise that their glam squads are all celebrities in their own right now . I remember just being dazzled by the sisters – their looks, personalities, lifestyles and relationship. That has been the magic recipe for this show, with a hefty side of drama because when you’re that rich and good looking, it’s never far away.


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Defo going to Lake Tahoe ASAP lads. Great advertisement for the place. I want to drink Veuve Clicquot around a fire pit with Kris Jenner.

I was fine until the fireworks started and they showed the crew all absolutely bawling, then I was gone. They bid farewell to the extended crew, who seem genuinely devo.

On hand held cameras, we learn Khloe has gone to Boston for Christmas without True, who is following her. She thinks she has a future with Tristan because they had such a good lockdown together. Sigh. But she’s going back and forth so she’s not actually moving moving there – and I’m fairly sure that since this all wrapped, she’s been mostly based in LA. So say the gossip sites, anyway.

They FaceTime Kris with Tristan pretending to have his arse out and it’s hilarious. Kris was terrified he was up to his old tricks hahahaha. Best Tristan content all season!

Kim failed the baby bar again. She literally had covid when she took it, it’s okay hun. Oh, and her marriage is breaking up around her. I don’t think she’s ever looked more beautiful as she does sitting on the bed with curly hair and not a scrap of makeup.

Finally we get the Kim divorce chat we’ve all been waiting for. Kris has been waiting for her daughter to come talk, but she says she’s been having therapy because she doesn’t want to burden anyone. She says she had an epiphany at 40 that she wants happiness the majority of the time, wherever that takes her. She’s working on figuring out how to get there. She’s worked so hard, achieved what she’s wanted, 10 times more than humanly possible but doesn’t have someone to share that with. I’m not surprised by this, I totally get where she’s coming from. I guess I just thought that staying married to Kanye and being Mrs West meant more to her – BUT I hugely respect her for following her heart because that cannot be easy with so many trying to rag on her for three failed marriages.

She never thought she was lonely, she had her kids. But she wants out of her marriage because it’s not working. She’s sad that they get on best when he’s living in a different state. She wants a regular husband to spend her life with – to watch shows, work out together. She says has all the big things and none of the little things with Kanye, and I can see how that’s true. All the grand gestures in the world can’t replace the tiny moments of solidarity in a marriage – she simply can’t rely on him.

Kris says she knows Kim hasn’t been happy in a really long time, but Kim says she’s not rushing it and making any major decisions yet. She says she’s numb and tired of feeling bad. She didn’t come this far just to come this far – a favourite quote of many a top tier Irish influencer. Omg Pippa, does Kimmy follow you?! LOL! She says calmness is her superpower which explains how she deals with her insane life. I quite simply could not.

They’re out the back for the final scenes putting the time capsule in to the ground. But what have they chosen?

Kourtney – a Smooch T-shirt. Only day ones will get it – a reminder of where she started. They’re all so grateful for the show and I guess it never occurred to me that it has been her career. Her folding skills are excellent which is handy because Poosh ain’t ever gonna take off. OOOOH allow me one sick burn please, it’s deserved.

Kim – the Dashing fragrance that caused all the drama. Gas bitch.

Kendall – a painting of the old house. That made me tear up.

Kylie – her first three lip kits. Yes, I purchased all three okay.

Kris – her momager cert. The legend trademarked the term. IDOL!

Khloe puts in the Dash keys and the interviews, and Scott tops it off with his Lord Disick cape. I’m sad Rob didn’t show, but c’est la vie. I think he mentally opted out of the show a long time ago.


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The ending montage was lovely. They truly have all come so far and changed so much. Kim is unrecognisable – I think the Paris robbery totally altered her life and values.

Yes, at times they have undoubtedly been shameless and shallow and silly. I’ve read valid criticism of them all and also completely uninformed crap. But the core of the show has always been about a fascinating family dynamic expanding and evolving as they went on a journey through global fame. Celebrity has been a character in KUWTK in the same way New York was in Sex and the City.

They have never been normal or average – everyone in this show was born privileged and beautiful, with status and connections – but it’s their struggles and hardships that made them fascinating, and how they’ve got through them that’s had us all glued.


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I will really miss the show. It’s been a constant in my life for 14 years, I don’t think I’ve been in to any other single thing for that long! The Kardashians went from being queens of reality tv to queens of pop culture – the show and their own celebrity transcended E! and even television beyond anyone’s wildest expectations. They have literally become iconic – that word gets tossed around a lot, even by me, but mark my words – Kim Kardashian is the Marilyn Monroe of our times. Mock me all you like, but Marilyn was scoffed at and derided in her prime too. And something tells me Kim will have a far longer and far less tragic life because she is so self-assured and sharp as a tack.

We couldn’t have believed some of the things that happened on the show. The proposals, weddings and divorces, the babies, Scott’s addiction issues, Caitlyn’s transition, Kim’s robbery, Kylie’s business success – in among all the silly plot lines, their lives have been stranger that fiction.

I’m hoping the Real Housewives will fill the Kardashian-shaped hole in my heart – they sort of already have in terms of TV consumption – but I’ll be a KarJenner fan long after the final credits have rolled. And because I simply adore a crossover, I’m living for Andy Cohen to ask all the difficult questions at next week’s reunion special.

So this is your official Kardashian Korrespondent signing off. Here’s to endless reruns and the inevitable continued rise and rise of our favourite fabulous family.

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