10 Interior Bits That’ll Give Your Bedroom (And Mood) A Lift

Sick of staring at the same four walls?

It’s to the hot press with our heavy duvets, velvet pillows and dark fabrics and instead, we’re replacing them with some lighter – dare I say, summer tones as we plough towards May.

And so, as we jazz up our space to a) make it look more seasonal and b) make it look somewhat different to what we’ve been staring at for the past four weeks, we’re compiling a list of some cute bits that you can get right now and shipped straight to your door.

Gotta love the internet.

Not only will these pieces give you something new to look at while procrastinating from your WFH desk, but they’ll also help to boost your mood and bring on that hot girl summer energy we so need right now.

H&M Home Rug


Desenio Print 


ASOS Hanging Planter 


Urban Outfitters Rose Garland 


Urban Outfitters Vase 


Amara Elizabeth Scarlett Cushion 


Missioni Home Rainbow Throw 


Dunnes Stores Carolyn Donnelly Pillow


Antropologie Candle 

€32 (each)

Avoca Cashmere Throw


Happy shopping!


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