Here’s Everything Team STELLAR Is Loving This Week

It’s getting cold out there…

So, what better time to take a minute, warm up, and have a look at some events, products, and bits that Team STELLAR is loving during this bitter December week.

Jade H is loving…. good hair advice


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This week, hair care brand JOICO hosted their Christmas lunch in Dublin’s the Ivy, and while one would presume the most Joi (get it? joy?) would have been garnered from a delicious meal among great company, it actually came from getting some stellar – and much needed – hair care advice from hair educator, Katrina Kelly. 

Katrina joined the brand to give a demo on the best way to bring your hair from day to night, and provided some expert tips on keeping your locks as luscious (and as protected) as possible. Did you know you were supposed to brush your hair before shampooing to minimise breakage? No? Me neither.

Adele is loving…. Skincare

When it comes to beauty I feel like you’re either team makeup or team skincare, and I’m firmly team skincare. This week I attended a masterclass in skincare, thanks to my job. Brands like CeraVe, Vichy and SkinCeuticals had stands where you could chat with professionals and learn more about their products and skincare tips.

I also had my skin read using a machine, and turns out, it’s a little dry! Which I guess isn’t a huge surprise given the weather right now, so I’ve stocked up on Vichy’s Mineral 89 Hyaluronic Acid and I’m going to be slathering it on my skin twice a day for the rest of winter. My skin already feels more hydrated after using it for just a couple of days so I would certainly recommend it for anyone feeling a little dry too.

Jade H is loving…. Takeaways


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Obviously. A love that’s not confined to the winter months but one that’s appreciated all the same. After all, is there a better time to relax, get snug, and order some tasty treats right to your door than during the bitter, cold nights?

One takeaway I’ve been all over this month is pizza, and more specifically, Dominos Pizza. They’ve recently given away some adorable, sparkly Christmas baubles in the shape of, you guessed it, pizza. The ideal addition to any Christmas tree, truly. What’s more is that customers can win one of these baubles themselves over on the Dominos_ROI Instagram page from next week. Amazing scenes.

Another takeaway based event I’ve been fairly fond of this week is JustEat – most notably because they teamed up with Eurovision king Johnny Logan to launch the new McCrispy from McDonald’s.

They even created a video to go alongside the collab. Iconic.

Adele is loving… solo dates

I had some annual leave left to take over the last month, and so during one of my days off I took myself out. I don’t often do it, as when I have a free day I naturally make plans with other people, or make plans to have no plans, lying around in my pjs all day. But on one particular Friday I vowed to go out and do something alone.

So, I went to the National Gallery of Ireland in Dublin’s city centre. I’ve wanted to go for so long and could never find anyone to go with, so I did it alone! I had a gorgeous few hours taking everything in, afterward, I went to a bookshop to pick up a new read and then a coffee shop to get stuck into it for an hour or so. It was glorious to be honest, I never thought I would have the confidence to do things like that alone, but I guess I do and now I’ve been bitten by the solo bug I want to do more things alone!

Jade H is loving… Christmas wreaths


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Forget a tree, a wreath is where it’s at. Or, you can have both, whichever you like.

Wreaths are homey, they’re creative, they’re an ideal way to brighten up a front door, a blank wall, or a lonely garden gate.

If you’re looking to make your own this year, Dublin based company FlowerPop are currently running workshops so you can create your own gorgeous piece. They’ve also recently launched their own new collection, so if creativity isn’t your strong suit, you can buy one readymade. Ideal.


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