Where You Should Go On Holidays Based On Your Star Sign

Need some travel inspo? It's written in the stars!

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Are you tired of looking for a holiday that will suit you? Why not plan your next trip based on your star sign? Discover a new you based on specific things you enjoy. This can also include a travel partner, location and activities!

We took a deep dive into the traits of each star sign and appointed the perfect holiday destination for your dream trip!

Aries– March 21-April 19


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Aries are strong and independent, meaning you could love to travel solo! Adventure is big on your holiday list and you tend to  have a lot of energy, which means you need to keep busy when on holiday. Time for a new destination, as Aries love to explore new places. If you want to go to Europe, interrailing is definitely the ideal trip! Discover Europe by yourself or with a travel buddy via train and hit up multiple cities along the way

If you fancy an adventure further, Asia is also top of the list for Aries!

Taurus– April 20-May 20


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Taurus is ruled by Venus, which has the qualities of love, beauty and luxury! The ideal holiday destination for this star sign would be a beach resort in Dubai! You also enjoy the attention to detail, warm weather, sand and beach beds. Relaxation is a key element for a Taurus when on holiday, they do not want to take part in much activity!

Gemini– May 21- June 21


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A Gemini adores mixing with people and has great social skills. Unlike Taurus, Geminis love to embrace adventure and curiosity while on a trip. A Gemini also arguably enjoys alone time too, that’s why a city break with a beach is the perfect holiday destination! A city break is perfect as it will have good nightlife for your social battery and then you can head to the beach when you require some downtime to recharge. Barcelona might just be the ultimate destination for any Gemini this year!

Cancer– June 22- July 22

South of France:

A Cancer enjoys quality time with their social circle of family and friends. You tend to keep your circle small and enjoy downtime with the people that are most important to you. Intimacy is something you carry with you when deciding on a holiday location, which means a villa or holiday home is perfect for a cosy atmosphere while away from home. Unlike Geminis, Cancer enjoys time with family and friends instead of a busy holiday. Feel at home in a villa in the South of France this summer, check out the unique homes available on Airbnb to create your perfect comfort holiday atmosphere.

Leo– July 23- August 22


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Leo signs have been compared to a lion because of their similar characteristics. Your confidence is your best gift Leo, you are very inviting to people and enjoy a touch of glamour when on holiday! We’re thinking a trip full of glamour, beach parties and fashion! Welcome to Miami! You don’t mind stepping out of your comfort zone and make friends easily. So get ready for a busy, social trip full of chats, laughs and sun.

Virgo– August 23- September 22


Virgos enjoy elegance when it comes to everything. Holidays tend to be super organised with an elite itinerary. City breaks are perfect for Virgos, destinations that are known for good aesthetics are usually top of the list here! London is the perfect city break for Virgos as it is very elegant and picturesque! Somewhere that will meet your love of an aesthetic, and allow you to do fun activities but also enjoy relaxing downtime between plans is Santorini. Virgos like to learn while they are away, so look up local vineyards and learn all about their famous wine!

Libra– September 23- October 23


Libras enjoy social trips and mixing with others, but downtime is also key as they can tend to get lost in the crowd! Culture and variety are what you’re looking for, a balanced vacation like your personality. Rome is loaded with culture and history and gives you plenty of opportunities to explore, while also offering more than enough gorgeous restaurants for you to stop and unwind over a plate of pasta and an Aperol Spritz. If you fancy flying further, New York is also an ideal location for Libras, busy and full of places to see, but with nooks of greenery and the cutest locations for a relaxed day amidst the madness too.

Scorpio– October 24 – November 21

Scorpios enjoy a busy holiday and tend to always take it to the next level. Adventure and discovery are a must and if there’s a hint of adrenaline in there that’s a bonus. The perfect destination would be Orlando, Florida! A bit further afield than others on this list, but if you’re looking for thrills, fun and amazing sun this is for you Scorpio. Of course, Orlando is home to some of the world’s most iconic theme parks including Disney World and Universal Studios, which both have multiple parks within them and plenty to keep you going. Wrecked from all the rollercoasters? Have a relaxing pool day, or travel a little bit further for a gorgeous beach.

Sagittarius– November 22- December 21

Cape Town:
The Sagittarius sign enjoys culture, communities and exploring new destinations. They are looking for a true adventure, not like their everyday life, think safaris and boat trips. When booking your next trip, why not consider South Africa? Cape Town has so much to offer including some amazing hikes, which suit a Sag perfectly, they are not afraid of long hikes and exploring so make sure to pack your runners. A Safari can be a day trip from here and is another way to tap into the adventurous side of a Sagittarius. We’ve also seen the Love Islanders enjoy the beautiful weather there this past season, although it was a little windy so be prepared!

Capricorn– December 22- January 19


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Capricorns enjoy an active holiday and new surroundings. The ultimate trip will be busy and include daily activities, which is why Austria is the perfect location for you. In the winter and even some summer months in some locations, you can hit the slopes in Ski resorts and in warmer locations summer is perfect for mountain biking, hikes, and beautiful scenery. You won’t have a dull day in these locations there’s so much to do and the views are insane.

Aquarius– January 20 – February 18

Irish road trip:

The Aquarius star sign enjoys heading into the unknown, the less they know the better, although this might sound daunting. Aquarius tend to love surprising themselves and others with new destinations and activities along the way, so why not head off on a road trip? You don’t even have to leave Ireland. Set a rough route and get started, who knows what you’ll find along the way. The wild Atlantic way is the ultimate destination for a road trip during the summer, there’s so much to discover in your own country, and on a good day you’d swear you’re much further away.

Pieces– February 19 – March 20

The Pisces star sign keeps wellness in mind when choosing where to go. Think of somewhere where you can feel at one with nature and yourself and even dabble in some yoga. There are many yoga retreats in gorgeous places such India. India is actually where yoga originated, so you can try out some of the poses at the very route of the relaxing activity. Learn more about yourself and the Indian culture while you’re at it. Plus, this will also give you a chance to mix with many people that have the same characteristics.


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