Blackhead Removal Videos: Our Latest Addiction

Not to be gross or anything, but we’re weirdly hooked on dermatologist Dr Sandra Lee’s zit popping and blackhead extraction vids – and its seems you are too.

Dr Sandra Lee

The lady behind the vids: Dr. Sandra Lee. Pic credit: Instagram @drsandralee

Does the sight of your boyfriend’s back sprinkled with blackheads make you want him for all the wrong reasons? Well, you’re not alone. Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee has outed a whole world of closet pimple-poppers who flock to her YouTube channel and Instagram to sustain their habit.

The premise? Dr. Lee offers a deal – she’ll pop your pimples for free provided she can film the procedure. Her followers have responded with sentiments like, “I want to throw up but I can’t look away,” and “I experienced an odd mixture of disgust and intrigue.”  Oh, how we can relate.

One STELLAR staffer (who might be our editor, or who might not *whistles*) confesses, “I am pretty gross when it comes to spots and blackheads – I genuinely love when my fella has a big juicy one to hoke out. There’s something quite satisfying about watching gunk pop up out of the pore. I think I like how you know there’s a reward at the end – the poking will lead to a nice big POP.”

Why the addiction? “At the most superficial level, all of us have a fantasy that if we pick these things off, we are improving ourselves and others,” says an American doctor who declines to be named. “There is an undeniable build up of tension and undoubtedly an orgasmic component to the release. I’ve even had nurses who admit they really ‘get off’ on removing blackheads.” Um, okay then.

Sure it’s a little weird, but there are worse fascinations, right?

Oh, and just in case you’re new to all this; here’s one of Sandra’s most, er, graphic videos.

So, ‘fess up: do you, too, love watching blackhead videos? To the comments!