Dyson’s New Silent Hairdryer Costs €399 And Twitter Can’t Cope

Would you pay that much for a quieter morning?


After vacuum cleaners, hand-dryers and fans, hairdryers are the next thing to get the Dyson treatment.

The design company, famed for it’s über-efficient and stylish products, this morning unveiled its newest invention, a supersonic hairdryer.

Dyson’s new dryer promises to be virtually silent, as well as protecting hair by minimising heat damage. Unsurprisingly, Twitter exploded with beauty junkies wondering how they could get their hands on one.

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The only catch? The Dyson Supersonic retails at a cool €399, which had most people taking a swift step back:

According to Dyson, the fan is engineered to draw air in through the base into the tiny V9 motor, where it is then amplified. The silence is mainly down to a reduction in “turbulence and swirling” as well as a more efficient motor, fitted with 13 blades instead of the usual 11.

The Guardian‘s Fashion Ed Morwenna Ferrier road-tested the dryer recently ahead of its official launch this June, and confirmed that the sound is indeed “almost inaudible,” adding that her hair dried “in record time”.

But with a price tag like that, we may be forced to stick to our bog-standard (and noisy) dryer for now.


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