Ever Wondered How Johnathan Van Ness Gets His Hair So Perfect? Here’s His Secrets

And there's not a curling wand in sight



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When we watch Queer eye there’s two things that run through our mind, what would it take for these five men to come and glam up our lives? And how in the name of God does Johnathan make his hair look that good?

Luckily for us, the latter has finally been answered, with JVN taking to his social media to finally let us in on the secret behind those gorgeous locks, and to our surprise, it’s entirely heat-free.

Sharing a natural selfie, with his famous gruiag on full show, Johnathan said:

“Feeling a natural wave 🏳️‍🌈 How many products do you think I used for this air dry lewk?”


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He goes on to tell us the 4 products that he uses, and we’ve tracked down each one in the hopes of becoming just like Johnathan ourselves.

Firstly, he says he uses the heat styling product Shu Uemura Air Dry /Blow Dry Perfector Wonder Worker, like we said his look is entirely heat-free, so it’s likely that he uses the product to detangle frizz and lock in moisture, rather than protect it. He works this through using a WetBrush tangle teaser.

Next up is the holy grail haircare product Olaplex No.7 Bonding Oil, which repairs broken bonds, tames fly-aways and softens the hair.

Last in Johnathan’s routine is the R+Co Motorcycle Flexible Gel, which he claims to use on his hairline for “part control”, which is formulated with Coconut Oil which claims to define hair and boost thickness.

So there you have it, we’ll all sure to be gorgeous now by the time we get out of isolation now.

Plus, if you’re looking for your fab five fix, it was just announced earlier in the week that season five of Queer Eye will be dropping on Netflix next month.


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