Five Of The Best Accounts Dedicated To The Outfits On Your Favourite Shows

Instagram is great for keeping up to date on fashion and what’s on trend atm, but it’s become a surprising tool for looking back on the style previous decades thanks to accounts dedicated to your favourite shows. With 90s and 00s fashion very much ‘in’ at the moment, these TV show accounts have become surprising inspo.

It all started with the incredible Every Outfit on Sex & the City account which started in 2016. It documents the looks of all four gals, so there is some inspo for everyone whether you’re a Carrie or a Charlotte. The account now has over 580k followers. It branches out with some memes and posts of what the gals are up to now, but at the heart, it’s all about the iconic fashion for the show.

With the success of Every Outfit on SATC, many similar accounts have been launched over the years, here are our faves.

Every Outfit on Sex & the City

The OG, the best!

Every Outfit On Lizzie McGuire


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A very new account, but if you’re a Disney kid you’ll adore their posts. It documents all the outfits worn by Lizzie and BFF Miranda Sanchez. Think colourful pieces, random hats and bandanas and lots of accessories. Pure nostalgia, basically.

Rachel Green’s Outfits 


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There are a few pages documenting the looks on the Friends characters in general, but while we LOVE Monica and Phoebe, Rachel was the stylish one. She did work for Ralph Lauren after all! This account features all her gorgeous blouses, mini skirts and dainty jewellery. So far, the page has listed all her looks on season one, so we’ve still got nine to go.

Gossip Girl Outfits


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With hairbands having a serious moment right now, this Gossip Girl account is right on point. You’ll see the gals preppy dresses, handbags and some great coats! There’s also the odd post about Chuck’s looks, because let’s face it, the boy was dapper.

Every Outfit On Derry Girls

When you think of Derry Girls, their matching school uniforms might spring to mind, but when the girls are off out, or auntie Sarah shows up, there no shortage of glam 90s fashion.