Folkster Have A New Plus Size Mannequin In Store And We Are Impressed

And the mannequin looks fierce.

Irish store Folkster is already one of our favourite places to shop. With a store in Kilkenny, Dundrum and Dublin’s Temple Bar it has long been top of our list for festival attire or as great spot for unique occasion-wear.

This weekend we loved the Irish retailer even more as we spotted their plus-size mannequin in store.


Shared by Kelly Fitzsimons (@missellamayandmommy) on Instagram stories, she was also excited to spot the new mannequin in-store. On her stories she said: “Yes to @shopfolkster and their plus size mannequin.”

Given the outrage that ensued after a Nike store in London revealed their first plus-size mannequin, we think it will take a while before we are used to seeing clothing displayed on a variety of body types.

How many times have you bought something that looks incredible on a mannequin only to try it on and realise it looks completely different on you? It’s not a great feeling. We are all in favour of different shapes ands sizes of mannequins in store, instead of the traditional, idealised body type.

Given that large and leading retailers in Ireland like H&M, Primark and Dunnes all still use the tiny mannequins we are used to, we are very proud to see an Irish retailer leading the charge here and making steps towards body inclusivity in fashion retail.


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