Gluten-Face IS A Thing, Unforch: 5 Ways Eating Gluten Is Affecting Your Skin

Get skin smart before you eat.

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Pizza bases, doughnuts, cookies and white bread all owe their delicious chewiness to gluten’s binding properties, but sadly it’s something that many people can be quite sensitive to. Coeliacs cannot consume gluten without getting severely ill, but for the rest of us “gluten senstitive” types, the consequences can be a bit more subtle.

One of the most surprising places that gluten can wreak havoc is, unfortunately, your skin. Read on for five unexpected ways that your gluten intake could be affecting that natural glow…

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1. It can cause inflammation and irritation

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Gluten is a key inflammatory trigger for the body, and your skin can be the first place to suffer as a result. If you visit a dermatologist with eczema, psoriasis, acne or other skin issues, don’t be surprised if you’re told to start cutting out gluten ASAP.

2. It can lead to increased toxins in the bloodstream

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Gluten is one of the key causes of leaky gut syndrome – when your intestinal lining is damaged by repeated irritation. If you have leaky gut syndrome, food particles and toxins may be released into your bloodstream as your body tries to digest food, causing inflammatory immune response. The verdict for your skin? Breakouts, acne or even rashes and hives.

3. It can cause premature ageing


We know, we know, everything’s a premature cause of ageing these days, but gluten is high enough on the list to be worth talking about. Why? All that inflammation causes excess oxidation in our body, which is a problem. Our systems can only handle a certain amount of oxidation, and too much of it can cause our skin – and the rest of our body – to age faster.

4. It can cause puffiness and bloating

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Sick of waking up looking like you’ve been the loser in a boxing match? Yeah, it could be time to cut down your gluten intake. That inflammatory response can lead to increased puffiness within just two hours of consuming gluten-rich foods.


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