Grace Collier Shares Her Top 6 Tips For Gifting Vintage Clothing This Christmas

Founder of the Spice Vintage, Grace is sharing her insider knowledge when it comes to buying presents that last.

When it comes to finding incredible vintage clothes that will certainly make you the best gift giver EVER, as well as a totally conscious queen, Grace Collier knows a thing or two in that department.

As the founder and owner of uber-succesful Spice Vintage which has seen meteoric rise during the past two years, Grace dedicates her life to finding good vintage clothing and one-of-a-kind pieces, often travelling oversees to handpick items and selling them during one of her sought-after weekly website drops.

So, when it comes to giving the gift of vintage this Christmas to a loved one, there’s really no better woman to ask for help.

“Vintage clothing has grown massively in popularity, particularly as peoples’ awareness of sustainability and the environment is so well-informed. The conscious consumer shops with principles and scruples,” explains Grace. “So, with that in mind, here are my top tips to perfect the process of giving the gift of vintage clothing this Christmas. As we all know, It’s not an ‘off the peg’ situation, it’s more nuanced, hence the thought that must go into it; but it’s the thought that counts, right?”

1. Message the vintage shop on Instagram with a little narrative of the recipient and ask them to suggest something based on what you have told them. Vintage clothes dealers are in it for the love of it, and can talk the talk all day long! To us, each piece has a personality. So, matching it to its future owner gives us such kicks. For example, I have Mammys sending me pictures of their daughter or son, to illustrate the sort of thing they’re into. Based on what I see, I can always come up with a piece.

2. Find out what vintage staples they already have in their wardrobe. If the person you’re buying for loves vintage already, then they will already have most of the key items that makes up a vintage wardrobe. If it’s a new direction for them and they’re building their collection, then you can’t go wrong with an oversized Levi’s denim jacket, cosy flannel shirt, crazy print knit sweater, 80’s oversized patterned shirt or a branded sweater like Nike, Adidas etc.

3. Be more perceptive. What I mean is, take note of how they like their vintage – oversized or fitted? They will fall into either camp.

4. A sequinned piece is always a great gift for Christmas. Festive-ready for Christmas Day, party-perfect for New Year’s Eve! Then, when festival season kicks in, they get a summertime opportunity to wear it again. Remember, this is not throwaway fashion. This concept is key. So, when you’re buying, visualise the use they will get from the piece

5. Message their favourite vintage page and ask them to put a mystery giftbox together. Send them along the recipient’s Insta profile so the shop can do a sort of “personal shopping” role for you. They will need specific data such as sizing. Here’s where you box clever: go to their room and measure their favourite jeans, shirts etc. Remember, vintage sizing is a little unreliable. So, get that bit right!

6. If you’re a last minute shopper, know this: every vintage lovin’ gal or guy digs a gift voucher. It’s a little bit obvious but you really can’t go wrong!

Find out more about Spice Vintage by following Grace’s journey here and getting all the deets on her next exciting drop!


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