Hate To Break It To You, But The Best Way To Beat A Hangover Involves Cardio

Apparently "lying on the couch watching re-runs of KUWTK" is not on the official list of cures.

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Puffy eyes, dull skin and dry patches… Yup, it’s a skincare nightmare, but one that most of us face more often than we’d like.

Even if you cleanse, tone and moisturise nightly without fail, the effects of a hangover, a bad night’s sleep or a stressful day can still wreak havoc with your skin.

Luckily there are a few things you can do to give your skin a fighting chance – and to tone down that “I went for one drink and ended up having five” look that we’ve all sported in work at one stage or another. Unluckily, at least one of those things involves putting on your workout gear and hitting the treadmill.

Here’s your skincare-saving lowdown, courtesy of IMEDEEN beauty advisor Emma Minderies…

When I’m hungover I always wake up with dry, grey skin. Is there a quick way to bring some life back to my face?

“Go for Vitamin C and tonnes of water,” advises Emma.

“Smoothies, fruit or a Vitamin C supplement are the best way to get it in to you quickly. If you can manage it go for a run too. Cardio will increase your circulation and get rid of the toxins more quickly as well as making you want to drink more water, which is what your body needs to rehydrate.”

It’s always obvious when I haven’t slept enough because I wake up feeling puffy and looking tired. What’s one thing I can do to help ease the effects?

“I am a big fan of distilled witch hazel, diluted by half with some cold water,” says Emma.

“Use chilled water for that maximum refreshed feeling, put the combination on a couple of cotton pads and squeeze out the excess. Then lie flat on your back and place the pads on your eyes for five minutes thinking relaxing thoughts of a beautiful beach somewhere.

“If all else fails you could own the Ibiza ‘danced all night for 3 nights’ look and get some really glam sunglasses.”

After eating too much sugar, my skin always tends to break out. Aside from cutting out sugar what can I do?

“There are no real quick fixes with skin,” says Emma.

“If your skin is not looking its best, think seriously about cutting down on sugar, and investing for the future. Take some time to think about your diet and what you are actually eating from start to finish every day, and take a good skin supplement. IMEDEEN Derma One has stood the test of time and can help give you back your glow.”

When I’m stressed or run down my skin is the first place it shows. What can I be doing to keep my skin in check?

“When you are stressed it is even more important to support your skin from the inside as things like a healthy diet become less of a priority,” explains Emma.

“The usual rules apply: lots of water, Vitamin C and removing your make-up properly to help keep your skin’s health in check.

“If you consistently take care of the skin from within then that dull and tired look becomes less apparent. Taking IMEDEEN Derma One supplements every day will help keep the skin bright and help with moisture balance. I know plenty of girls that won’t leave the house without a touch of concealer either, so for a quick fix you can try that.”

IMEDEEN is available in selected pharmiacies nationwide, with more information on www.imedeen.ie.


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