Heat Protectors: A Swizz Or A Must-Have?

The full low-down on heat protection for your hair.

A viral TikTok showed how heat protectant sprayed on a piece of toast saved the bread from burning. But on further inspection, it was debunked (if you spray bread with water, it’s not going to toast as well as dry bread. D’oh!) But bread aside, are they any use? Rebecca Keane sprays her way to the truth.

Colorwow Dream Coat

Favoured by Kim K and a whole host of influencers online, I had high expectations for this and boy, did this deliver for my frizzies. Think of my natural hair like Mia Thermopolis – before the makeover. It’s scentless which somehow annoyed me but the best skincare is usually scentless too, right?

Even the frizziest girl will have a gorge time blow drying with this, the humidity proofing formula is activated by blow-dryer heat and will last up to 72 hours or 2 to 3 shampoos. So don’t overuse this! Even a day or two after blow-drying and the frizz was low, this is a hero product.

Kemon Actyva Bellessere Heat Protection Spray

The scent of this is quite strong, but it did leave my hair super soft! No residue or anything left behind, so my brushes glided through my tresses as I was blowdrying. You can use this on damp or dry hair, which is perfect if you’re on day 2 or 3 hair and not bothered to go the whole hog washing your hair again. Ideal.

OGX Shine+ Argan Oil of Morocco Heat Protect Spray

This definitely gives your hair the shine but your hair will feel like there’s product in it, if you know what I mean. That slightly tacky hairspray feeling, you know? If I’m using heat protectant I want it to be a whisper of a thing, light and weightless in my locks.

Also, to be super anal, the spray nozzle isn’t your standard spritzer so I feel like the product comes out at different amounts in different areas.

Kérastase Nutritive Nectar Thermique

This isn’t a spray, more of a thick moisturiser texture but it had to be included, use sparingly and work up. This is probably the sole thing that kept my hair on my head when I had my hair red, blonde and every other colour underneath the sun and straightened it to death! The smell is absolutely gorgeous, and the smallest bit works on your gruaig. You’d have a tube of this for a year like!

JOICO Defy Damage Protective Shield

My hair was super shiny after using this leave-in cream. My hair can be quite brittle but I noticed it was stronger and didn’t fall out as much when I was blowdrying. JOICO products are well known for their restorative properties and this little saviour is no different.


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