Here’s Everything Featured In Jeffree Star’s Latest Make-Up Drop

Blood Sugar walked so Blood Lust could run

It’s time to prime your eyelids guys and gals, Jeffree Star has just dropped his latest make-up collection.

Teasing fans with a little preview of the new line on Monday, we finally got a look inside the brand new palette in Jeffree’s latest YouTube – and we’re sorry to report that you’re bank account is about to suffer.

Sitting on what appears to be a throne, in a room draped in purple velvet (casual), Jeffree showed off his brand new collection, giving us the swatches we’ve all been waiting for.

Firstly, we’ll talk about the packaging. Taking things up at least 3 notches from his previous collection, the Blood Lust palette is in the shape of a hexagon and is purple velvet sheathed too.

Inside holds 18 shades, ranging from royal purple to fire red. With both mattes and shimmers, Jeffree revealed that some shades sport an entirely new formula for the brand, giving a wet look to the lid.

Alongside the palette, Jeffree is also launching five new lip-gloss shades and a highlighter, again ranging in various lilac shades.

Oh and you can get a special mirror, reusable straws and a Jeffree tracksuit, but we’ll probably pass on the trackie tbh.

The Blood Lust collection will launch at 10am on February the 21st PST time, so that’s 6pm our time.

Check out the collection for yourself in the video below.