How To Fake A Brow Lamination At Home

Defy gravity and give yourself a mini brow lift, all at once!


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Have you heard everyone and their mother talking about brow lamination lately? It’s the trend-du-jour with models and influencers, with plenty taking to Instagram in their droves to document the process. In layman’s terms, it’s basically a process that straightens the brows upwards as opposed to laying them sideways. If you’ve ever had a lash lift, it’s similar in that it perms hairs into a certain shape.

However, it only really works if you already have enough hair in the first place, it won’t work if you have micro-bladed brows, and it’s not exactly great for your brow hair either, as treatments like this can weaken brows and lashes. Plus, it’s expensive. Good news though – it’s easy to DIY for far less cash and less hassle, and with zero commitment once your makeup comes off. Let us show you how…

First things first

Prep is key, you want to make sure your brows are conditioned and flourishing. Rivitalash is known primarily for its amazing lash treatment, but their brow conditioner is fantastic too. Simply apply at night, and it helps your brows grow and keeps the hair strong.

If you have lots of natural brow hair

You just need help with gravity. Soap Brows, €14.95, is the answer here. It’s basically just soap, but unperfumed and with no colour, and it’s applied with a spooly brush, it’ll set your brows in shape. Beloved by the amazing @nikki_makeup, watch her tutorials and see the magic happen!


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If you have some natural hair

You want to use a gel with a bit of colour in it to brush hairs up. We love Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel, it comes in a really wide range of colours and can be used to groom your brows while adding a little definition. It’s €22. Glossier Boy Brow has a similar effect, but less colours available, for €15.


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If you’ve only a bit of natural brow hair

Then you’ll need an extra helping hand in the form of Benefit Gimme Brow, which actually er, gives you brow! It has tiny little fibres in the formula that cling to your brow hairs and add depth as well as definition. I use this first, let it set, and then fill in any gaps I have with a gel or pencil. Stunning!

Et voila! An easy way to follow a trend, instantly look younger and like you have the brows of dreams. You can just brush up the inner corner or the entire brow if you like the feathery look, but either way your arches will stand to attention in the most gorgeous, flattering way.


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