How To Choose The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

Wear your sunnies in style

Although the sun has left us for now, we’re sure that we’re due at least one more day of sunshine here on the Emerald Isle before we bid farewell to beloved summer. When the sun does decide to make its grand return, we would like to be prepared with the most stylish of stylish sunglasses.

When it comes to choosing your perfect pair, finding ones that are perfect for your face and shape can prove to be a real challenge. Determining what shaped face you are is the first step in finding the most comfortable, fitting, and pretty sunglasses.

So, with that in mind, we encourage you to take a look at your face and determine what shape it is, you could be oval, round, square, or heart. Once you have your face shape down, our fashion editor Megan Fox has rounded up the best picks to suit your face, so you can holiday at home in style this summer.

Square Face 

You can soften your beautifully angular face with styles that have round edges, like ovals or rectangles with a softer finish. You can even go all out with a cat eye. Try to opt for styles that extend out slightly further than the widest section of your face – this will be most flattering.

Urban Outfitters– €25

Spektre @ Atrium – €169

Heart-Shaped Face 

With a heart-shaped face, you want to mimic the shape of your face with your frames. Rounded sunnies with exaggerated lenses are your go-to. More specifically, aviators will be your best friends.

Rayban – €155

Asos – €16.59

Round Face

Wide rectangular frames and styles with a bar across the top will add some more structure to your face. As with any face shape, always keep the size of your sunnies in proportion to the size of your mug.

Le Specs – €50

Oliver Bonas – €29

Oval Face

The joys of the oval-shaped face, you can basically carry off any style you like! Experiment with John Lennon- esque circle, extremely 90s tiny frames or even celeb-style visors. The world of sunglasses is your oyster!

Zara – €29.95

Topshop – €16