Jennifer Zamparelli Reworked A Dress From Last Years DWTS Into A Whole New Look

And it really worked.


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We’re all well accustomed to re-wearing pieces from our wardrobe, sure who knows how many wears those trusty Molly jeans have racked up? But when you’re presenting a live TV show every weekend, we’d imagine the rules are a little different. But Jennifer Zamparelli has proven that you really don’t need a brand new dress for every occasion, and we’re loving it.

Jen had decided that she wanted to rework a dress from last years Dancing With The Stars, and it really didn’t disappoint. The 2019 dress had a high neck, oversized sleeves and was stunningly sparkly. But left in the hands of Louise Lawlor and Fiona Fagan, it was transformed into a one sleeved beauty, with a full ruffle sleeve and wrap around belt detail.


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Safe to say, the dress was simply divine. Plus, it really goes to show that those dresses that have been gathering dust at the back of your wardrobe can be reimagined and redesigned into a completely different style. Extra sustainability points.


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