‘Mob Wife Aesthetic’ Is Trending – But What Exactly Is It… & Is It Sustainable? 

Another day, another fashion trend.

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The ‘Mob Wife Aesthetic’ has taken over our Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok feeds. It consists of fur coats, statement gold jewellery, animal print, and messy up-dos. It’s the first fashion trend to go viral in 2024 and it’s looking like minimalism is out. It’s time to be unapologetically bold and channel our inner Carmela from The Sopranos – organised crime aside. 

This aesthetic blends timeless classic pieces that everyone should have in their wardrobe with bold statement pieces creating an effortless and chic look. The trend exudes confidence and sex appeal. People aren’t going maximalist with just their clothes either. The longer the French tip nails the fiercer you’ll feel, the smokier the makeup the better, and the higher the hair the closer to God. 


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The ‘Mob Wife’ look first began to trend on TikTok when content creator Mikayla Toninato took to the app claiming that “Clean Girl is out, Mob Wife is in.” She said: “We are never extra enough, we are giving glamour and there is nothing quiet about this luxury.” 

But some people were not convinced with one person commenting “I’m convinced y’all have a meeting where y’all pitch new aesthetics and then launch it” with another saying “Can we relax and just be?” 

@mikaylatoninato I was honestly made for this #mobwife #mobwifeaesthetic #cleangirl #cleangirlaesthetic #mobwifewinter #style #styletips ♬ original sound – mikayla

Despite the backlash, the trend has only grown with the hashtag ‘Mob Wife Aesthetic’ having over 45m views. But are these trends that surface every three months or so sustainable? It’s questionable.  

With the rise of fashion trends and aesthetics, personal style has gotten lost. Knowing whether a certain style is one to stick around or if it’s just, yet another micro trend is tricky. We must look at how we can jump on the trend by using pieces already in our wardrobe and, more importantly, ask ourselves if the aesthetic is even our style or are we just being heavily influenced by social media. 

The trend hasn’t just been seen on TikTok, celebs such as Hailey Bieber, Dua Lipa, and Jennifer Lawrence have been participating sporting big sunglasses, a dramatic fur coat and lots of leather. Fashion houses such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton have also been embracing the trend.  

While the ‘Mob Wife’ trend aligns with sustainable practices such as restyling the older pieces in your wardrobe or shopping vintage, it is looking like this is an aesthetic that is going to stick around. But how can we be so sure in the fast world of fashion? Being mindful of your consumption when these trends come to light is crucial for not only our society but the environment.  

The ‘Mob Wife Aesthetic’ isn’t just about how you dress, it’s an aura. Even if you don’t feel like it’s your style, the stereotypical mob wife is bold and confident, and channeling her energy is the best way to participate in this trend.  

Words by Abby Sammon