Move Over Clown Contour: Now We’re All About Yoda & Darth Vadar Contouring

Space is meant to be the final frontier, except we reckon in beauty terms, it's actually Yoda and Darth Vadar contour. Try it, we will.

Star wars gif

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…. *sniiiiip* Ahem. Right now, in a social media channel called Instagram, make-up artist Mandy-Lee Perkins is taking contouring to the stars. The Star Wars, more precisely.

Star wars gif

If you’ve watched any of the more recent extreme takes on face shapin’ via the power of make-upĀ (clown contour, anyone?) then this, as a concept, won’t be particularly old news.

Mandy’s take? She’s going with Yoda and Darth Vadar contour. We’re definitely gonna need to use the force to help us with this…

So, here’s Yoda.

And now Darth…

We are IMPRESSED, lady. You’ve got mad skills and we can barely manage Princess Leia buns.

Star wars gif

But drawing Yoda or Darth’s features on your noggin before blending out is a bit more Mos Eisley than mainstream, we reckon. And we’re not sure even Obi 1 Kenobi could help us master this particular cosmetic caper, TBH.

Thankfully, its one saving grace seems to be the fact we don’t have to blend using a Lightsaber. #phew