#MultiMasking: The New Skincare Trend That’s Legit Great For Your Complexion

It might look a bit cray, but this skincare craze has major benefits for your skin.

Every week a new beauty trend seems to take over social media. From clown contouring and hair plopping to Yoda & Darth Vadar make-up. The latest craze blowing up our feeds, though? It’s #MultiMasking, and we can totally get on board with its skin-boosting benefits.

So what is it? Basically, it’s about using a ‘patchwork’ of different face masks to combat the skin’s needs on different areas of the face. Think using a blackhead-blasting mask on those pesky clogged pores on your nose and an anti-aging formula for underneath the eyes.

“Multi masking has actually been around since Egyptian times when people used mud from the earth as a an SPF,” explains Elaine Butler beauty therapist at Bespoke Beauty. “Nowadays we use masks to nourish and replenish our skin.”

Reckon #MultiMasking could help cure your skin woes? “I’d absolutely recommend it,” says Elaine, “especially in Ireland as the most common skin type is combination skin.”

First up, you’ll need several different masks in your skincare arsenal.

“A clay mask containing salicylic acid should be used for the T-zone, which for most people will generate too much oil,” Elaine explains. “This mask will also give added luminosity.”

Super facialist mask

Super facialist anti-blemish clay, €11.99

“A cream mask should be used for other areas like the cheeks as it will nourish and moisturise these dry areas,” instructs Elaine. “I would recommend Academie Paris, that I use in the salon. Their products contain phyto which is very good for the skin.”

Academie Softeness mask

Acadamie softness mask, €38.35

Want to add a third mask into the mix? Pop on a retinol mask under the eyes to hydrate the area and banish dark circles.

Shiseido mask

Shiseido Pure retinol instant eye mask, €69.49

Next step: take a selfie.