Need! Kylie Jenner’s Go-To Lip Product Is A €2.50 Pharmacy Bargain

It comes in a close second to her Lip Kit, obvz.

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Kylie Jenner’s plump pout has reached legendary status at this stage, so it’s no surprise that she uses a whole range of products to keep her lips in check.

But the 18-year-old doesn’t go splashing out on pricey balms and exfoliants, at least not everyday. Her daily lip care product of choice is something pretty normal – a tube of ChapStick.

“I always have one in my bag, it’s an essential,” the teen told Cosmopolitan, adding that she uses the cult favourite “all the time.”

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To keep the rest of her face soft and hydrated when it gets dry “from travelling”, Kylie turns to Nib&Fab Kale Fix Dry Skin Moisturiser (€17.99), which is no surprise given that she’s the face of the brand.

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And Kylie’s best-kept beauty secret? It’s a tip from her sister Khloé – to always wear SPF on her hands.

“The one skincare hack I swear by is to always put suncream on your hands, my sister Khloé tells me to do this all the time,” Kylie revealed.

“I like Tizo3 mineral sunscreen, I try to wear it on my hands and face as much as I can.”

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Sounds like one we’ll have to try ourselves.


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