No Joke, Squeezing A Spot On This Part Of Your Face Could Genuinely Kill You

Throw a hape of concealer on it instead and BE DONE.

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Before we had ever heard tell of contouring, brow tinting or highlighting, we had it drilled into us: don’t squeeze your spots. Leave them alone or risk infection, redness or even scarring, so the age-old advice went.

Of course, rules are made to be broken, and sometimes a girl’s just gotta squeeze and be done with it. Next time you’re considering a sneaky DIY spot removal though, you might want to consider where exactly on your face said spot is located.

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According to UK dermatologist Dr Vishal Madan, squeezing a pimple on a certain area of the face could actually kill you. Speaking on BBC Radio 5 yesterday, Dr Madan explained that the triangle-sized area from between the eyes to each corner of the upper lip contains blood vessels that drain directly to the brain.

Listen to him speak below:

Squeezing spots invites infection, and if nasty bacteria find their way into the wrong blood vessel, you could end up with vision loss, permanent paralysis or, indeed, death. This isn’t just some quack one-man theory, either, as Dr Madan explained, adding that many dermatologists have even nicknamed the area the Danger Triangle. Cute.

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